The U.S. trampoline & tumbling program announced Wednesday that eight elite athletes have been selected to receive scholarships as part of the Scholastic Scholarship Program.

The Scholastic Scholarship Program provides funding for trampoline and tumbling athletes to continue their education as they train and represent the U.S. in competition. This year’s recipients are Dylan Bealey, Kaden Brown, Karlee English, Ava Hernando, Patrick Lyell, Tomas Minc, Tia Taylor and Rosalie Thongphay. Awardees were determined by the USA Gymnastics T&T Scholarship Committee.

All information about the Trampoline & Tumbling Scholarship Program is available here.

The full list of awardees and the scholarships they received are listed below.

George Nissen Memorial Scholarship ($3,000) – Ava Hernando (University of Florida)

Jeff T. Hennessy Scholarship ($5,000) – Kaden Brown (University of Utah)

Tyson Smith Scholarship ($5,000) – Tomas Minc (University of Texas at Austin)

Tyson Smith Scholarship ($5,000) – Tia Taylor (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Jordan Bonne Memorial Scholarship ($3,000) – Patrick Lyell (Tulane University)

General scholarship ($2,000) – Dylan Bealey (Arizona State University)

General scholarship ($2,000) – Rosalie Thongphay (Arizona State University)

General scholarship ($2,000) – Karlee English (University of Texas at Austin)