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Acrobatics & Tumbling Athletes of the Week – March 18-24, 2024

Awards are given by NCATA and conference offices.


Athlete of the Week
Cami Wilson – Oregon
Wilson, a senior base from Los Angeles, Calif., competed in 10 heats and team event for the Ducks this week. Her performance was highlighted by nine scores of 9.60 or higher, including a perfect 10.0 in the open pyramid and a 9.95 in the compulsory toss.

Specialist of the Week
Makena Carrion – Oregon
Carrion, a senior from Rossmoor, Calif., was a standout in the pyramid event for Oregon last week. Competing as a top, Carrion helped the Ducks record a perfect 10.0 in the open pyramid, while also adding a score of 9.80 in the synchronized pyramid.

Freshman of the Week
Bella Swarthout – Oregon
Swarthout, a base from Paso Robles, Calif., completed in four heats and team event for the Ducks last week. Each of her heats scored a 9.70 or higher, including a 10.0 in the open pyramid. She also competed in team event, helping the Ducks to a score of 94.14.

Conference Carolinas

Athlete of the Week
Ryann Swope – Lander
Swope had a monumental impact this week in our win over Belmont Abbey College, the first in program history over the Crusaders as the Bearcats set a season-high score in the process. In the compulsory event, the junior competes in all four heats, helping the Bearcats post scores of 8.80 in acro, 9.50 in pyramid, 9.45 in toss and 8.20 in tumbling. In the acro event, Swope scored pretty consistently on her 5 element acro, scoring a 9.65 out of 10.00 and scoring an 8.80 out of a 9.85 in 6 element. In the acro event, Lander edged Belmont Abbey as the first event won.

In the pyramid event, Swope helped the Bearcats in the duo pyramid with a score a 9.6 out of 10.00, beating out Belmont Abbey by a tenth. Swope then contributed to a pair of great scores in the toss event, scoring a 9.25 out of 9.4 in the back salto toss and an 8.55 out of 9.40 in the duo toss. Lander ended the toss event with almost a three-point lead. The Bearcats clinched the meet in the tumbling event as Swope contributed to scores of 8.85 out of 9.40 in the duo tumbling pass 9.60 out of 10.00 in her solo tumbling pass.

Specialist of the Week
Amanda Schnelker – Limestone
Schnelker is a top within the pyramid event in both the inversion and open pyramid for the Saints as she led Limestone to a pair of outstanding scores this past week. Each pyramid starts at a 10.0 start value where she scored a 9.7 in the inversion pyramid and a 10.0 in the open pyramid. The junior performs two different top positions within each heat, an extended hand-to-hand position in inversion and a vertical pike position in open pyramid. She helped lead the team to their first perfect score this season in the open pyramid.

Mountain East Conference

Katey Koehl – Fairmont State
Koehl, a top, base and tumbler from Hartville, Ohio, competed in eight heats and team event to lead Fairmont State against Frostburg State on Sunday afternoon. Koehl helped Fairmont State record five scores of 9.50 or higher in the meet, including a 9.875 in the open tumbling pass, and a 9.75 in the compulsory pyramid heat. She also helped the Falcons record an 89.69 in team event to complete their comeback win over the Bobcats.