Beginning August 2012 there will be a variety of changes made to USA Gymnastics membership structure. Below is an outline of what to expect.

New Registered Business/Member Club Requirement
Effective August 2012, only member clubs or registered businesses of USA Gymnastics may apply for membership on behalf of an athlete. In addition, only member clubs or registered businesses may enter a team of athletes in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events.

Any gymnastics facility that currently or plan to have registered athletes should become or renew their club as either a member club or registered business. For full details regarding the new policy please visit the

Professional Membership Restructuring
As of August 2012, membership options for coaches, judges, gym owners and others will be reduced to two options.

Option 1: Professional Membership
This membership is intended for any gymnastics professional that participate in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events and receive accees to the field of play, regardless of the level or discipline. Cost of professional membership is $84 online/$89 in house.

Option 2: Instructor Membership
This membership is intended for recreational coaches/teachers that wish to increase their level of education and obtain certification with USA Gymnastics University. The membership will not allow participate in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. The cost of this membership is being reduced to $15 online/$20 in house.

Expiration Date Restructure
In order to streamline the process of membership and expiration dates, effective August 2012, membership, and certification expiration dates will all expire on July 31st. This process will align all expiration dates with the current athlete expiration system.

For complete details regarding the new membership polices, restructure and expiration dates please visit For any questions please contact Member Services Department at 800.345.4719 or [email protected].