GUADALAJARA, Mexico, Oct. 18, 2011 – Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md./Capital Rhythmics, added to her collection of three medals with another gold, and the U.S. rhythmic group tacked on a bronze today at the 2011 Pan American Games rhythmic event finals in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Today’s event finals began with the individual clubs routine, where Zetlin and Shelby Kisiel of Missouri City, Texas/North Shore Rhythmic, both competed and placed fifth (24.075) and seventh (23.300), respectively. Mexico’s Cynthia Valdez placed first (25.775), Brazil’s Angelica Kvieczynski placed second (25.150), and Mariam Chamilova of Canada placed third (24.525).

Zetlin, however, was far from losing hope.

"After clubs, I just wanted to show what I really am and what I am really capable of," Zetlin said. "And that’s what I did."

After claiming two golds and a silver medal, including the rhythmic all-around title, Zetlin was more than capable of delivering another gold-medal performance, which she did. Her ribbon routine earned her a score of 25.775, followed by Mexico’s Cynthia Valdez and Argentina’s Ana Carrasco, 25.075 and 24.600, respectively.

"Getting another gold tonight was just icing on the cake for me," Zetlin said. "I was so focused on the all-around medal and so excited after I won gold, winning two more golds and a silver just added to this incredible feeling."

Also adding to today’s rhythmic medal count was the six-member U.S. rhythmic group, as they gained a bronze in their 3-Ribbon, 2-Hoop performance, making this their second medal at the Pan Am Games.

"It really hit me when we were watching our flag rising in the middle and hearing our national athem," Sydney Sachs of Deerfield, Ill./North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, said. "I couldn’t believe we were standing up on the podium again and bringing another medal to the United States. It feels really good."

Brazil’s rhythmic group placed first with a score of 24.775, and Canada placed second with 24.650.

Members of the U.S. rhythmic group of North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center are as follows: Jessica Bogdanov, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Megan Frohlich, Glenview, Ill.; Aimee Gupta, Orchard Lake, Mich.; Michelle Przybylo, Glenview, Ill.; Sofya Roytburg, Buffalo Grove, Ill.; and Sydney Sachs, Deerfield, Ill.

Gymnastics competition will continue at the 2011 Pan American Games with artistic gymnastics on Oct. 24 with the women’s team finals. The team finals for men’s gymnasts are Oct. 25. For both men’s and women’s gymnastics, performances in the team finals determine which athletes advance to the all-around finals on Oct. 26 and the individual event finals, Oct. 27-28.

Rhythmic Individual Club Event Final
1. Cynthia Valdez, Mexico, 25.775
2. Angelica Kvieczynski, Brazil, 25.150
3. Mariam Chamilova, Canada, 24.525
4. Darya Shara, Argentina, 24.200
5. Julie Zetlin, United States, 24.075
6. Maria Kitkarska, Canada, 23.975
7. Shelby Kisiel, United States, 23.300
8. Dailen Cutino, Cuba, 22.600

Rhythmic Individual Ribbon Event Final
1. Julie Zetlin, United States, 25.775
2. Cynthia Valdez, Mexico, 25.075
3. Ana Carrasco, Argentina, 24.600
4. Darya Shara, Argentina, 24.400
5. Mariam Chamilova, Canada, 24.000
6. Angelica Kvieczynski, Brazil, 23.825
7. Maria Kitkarska, Canada, 23.050
8. Andreina Acevedo, Venezuela, 22.625

Rhythmic Group 3-Ribbon, 2-Hoop Event Final
1. Brazil, 24.775
2. Canada, 24.650
3. United States, 24.625
4. Venezuela, 22.425
5. Cuba, 21.450