Two women gymnasts have been petitioned into the U.S. Olympic Trials-Gymnastics in Boston, Mass., at the FleetCenter, June 25-30. Amy Chow, from San Jose, Calif., finished sixth in the all-around after compulsories at the 1996 Coca-Cola National Championships but, due to a slight back injury, could not compete during the optional portion of the competition. Andree Pickens, from Houston, Texas, finished 17th after compulsories but, withdrew from the competition when she injured her leg during warm-ups for the optional round of competition. Both gymnasts petitioned to compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials-Gymnastics and both were accepted by the Women’s Selection Committee.

Sixteen women gymnasts are scheduled to compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials-Gymnastics and 14 men gymnasts will compete. Seven women and seven men will make the U.S. Olympic Team. The Rhythmic competition takes place June 25-26 at The Wang Center. Eight rhythmic athletes will compete for one spot on the U.S. rhythmic team.