ANAHEIM, Calif. -The women’s 1984 silver medal gymnastics team reunited Sunday, June 27 at the Olympic Trials in Anaheim, Calif. at the Arrowhead Pond Arena. Similar to what some of them called a high school reunion, the women and their families were able to catch up and exchange stories about life after gymnastics.

“This reunion is like a high school reunion because I was home-schooled throughout that time,” said Mary Lou Retton, 1984 Olympic all-around gold medalist. “It is so nice to see everyone.”

The 1984 Olympic Games were a pivotal time for the U.S. in gymnastics. Not only did the women’s team place second, the highest finish for a women’s team at that time, but it was also the year Retton won the nation’s first ever all-around gold medal.

Other 1984 Olympic team members Michelle Dusserre (Farrell), Kathy Johnson (Clarke), Tracee Talavera, along with head coach Don Peters and assistant coach Roe Kreutzer attended the event.

“We all met up yesterday,” said Dusserre. “We spent so much time in the gym and at the competitions that we all became so close. . . It is great to be here.”

The reunion was held prior to the women’s final competition, the competition to determine which gymnasts will attend the training camp at the Karolyi ranch in Houston, Texas for selection onto the 2004 Olympic Team.