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Administrative Committee Minutes

2012 Committee Minutes
2011 Committee Minutes
2010 Committee Minutes
2009 Committee Minutes
  • Women’s National Administrative Committee minutes from May 18, 2009
    Includes: Meet entry fees, Membership/Education Services, Dress Code, Member Misconduct, Protecting Birthdates, Entry forms for East/West & JO Nationals, Regional and National JO Coach of the Year, NTS, East/West & JO National Meet Info, East/West Athlete Apparel, Operating Code, A1 Awards, State Chairman Workshop, NIT, Rules and Policies
  • Joint Committee minutes from May 18, 2009 (National Administrative, Junior Olympic, Technical Committees)
    Includes: Updates from GK, NAWGJ, NACGC-W, and the USA Gymnastics office
2008 Committee Minutes
2007 Committee Minutes
2006 Committee Minutes
2005 Committee Minutes
2004 Committee Minutes
  • Women’s Administrative Committee minutes from April 29-30, 2004
    Kissimmee, Fla. Includes: elite committee Report, J.O. Competitions, financial Reporting,. Election Guidelines, Board of Directors, J.O. Program Report, Program Growth, Petition Procedures, Regional Congresses, State Chairmen’s Workshops, 2005 Compulsory Workshops, Calendar, Rules and Policies, and Education.