The 2007 Trampoline & Tumbling Winter Classic took place over the weekend in Lubbock, Texas with the nation’s top elite athletes competing.  Chris Estrada and Erin Blanchard, both of Lafayette, La. and Trampoline & Tumbling Express, took the gold in men’s and women’s trampoline.  Estrada, third after the preliminary round, came back in the final with a score of 39.00 and a DD of 15.60 for the win.  Blanchard was also in third place heading to finals, but was able to overcome the competition with a 36.00, 13.70 DD.  In men’s tumbling and double mini, Kalon Ludvigson, the 2006 National Champion in both events prevailed again in the Winter Classic.  Ludvigson, of Cedar Lake, Ind. and Midwest Training Center, took the lead in prelims in the two events and never looked back, scoring a total of 146.10 in tumbling and 143.40 in double mini for double gold medals.

A newcomer to the senior elite ranks, Susannah Johnson, of Roanoke, Vir., Capital Gymnastics, took the gold in women’s tumbling with an overall score of 127.10.  GTC Academy’s Kaci Barry, San Diego, Ca., also in her first year as a senior elite, won women’s double mini, scoring 136.30 overall.