INDIANAPOLIS – Blaine Wilson (Columbus, Ohio) grimaced through the pain of a rotator cuff tear to grab a piece of gymnastics history by winning his third consecutive men’s all-around title at the at the 1998 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships Friday night at Market Square Arena.
Despite the agony etched on his face during the still rings, Wilson posted a score of 9.900 to establish himself as the best male gymnast in the United States for the third straight year, a feat last achieved by former world champion Kurt Thomas in 1978. Wilson scored a 112.425, with scores from Wednesday’s preliminaries added to Friday’s final.
“My shoulder was pretty sore,” said Wilson. “It was all right once I got warmed up, then adrenaline kicked in and I was okay. I’m glad I could do it (win three titles in a row). I tried not to think about it a whole lot, but once I got here and people were talking about it a lot, it’s non-stop. I’m happy with a three-peat, but I’m looking for a medal in China (at the 1999 World Championships) and Sydney – a team medal.”
Wilson led a sweep of the all-around medals by members of the U.S. Olympic Training Center (USOTC) resident training program. Joining him on the awards podium was Jason Gatson (Colorado Springs, Colo.), who scored 109.625 for the silver medal. Jay Thornton (Augusta, Ga.) claimed the bronze with a 107.750. All told, six USOTC athletes claimed spots on the 14-man U.S. Senior National Team, with Chris Young (Winston-Salem, N.C.), Garry Denk (Northbrook, Ill.) and David Kruse (Lompoc, Calif.) rounding out the resident athletes on the squad.
“We have great camaraderie at the Olympic Training Center,” said Thornton. “We all pull for each other. It’s a college team atmosphere when we’re training in the gym.”
The 1998 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships concludes Saturday with junior women’s all-around final Saturday afternoon and senior women’s all-around final Saturday evening at Market Square Arena. For complete results and virtual rotation-by-rotation scoring updates, log on to USA Gymnastics Online at

1998 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships
Men’s All-Around Final
August 21, 1998, Market Square Arena (top 14 named to U.S. National Team)

1, Blaine Wilson, Columbus, Ohio, 112.425. 2, Jason Gatson, Colorado Springs, Colo., 109.625. 3, Jay Thornton, Augusta, Ga., 107.750. 4, Sean Townsend, Houston, Texas, 107.475. 5, Steve McCain, Los Angeles, Calif., 107.225. 6, Mike Dutka, Fairless Hills, Pa., 104.650. 7, Trent Wells, Keizer, Ore., 104.600. 8, Chris Young, Winston-Salem, N.C., 104.200. 9, Justin Toman, Ann Arbor, Mich., 103.200. 10, Guard Young, Oklahoma City, Okla., 103.150. 11, Garry Denk, Northbrook, Ill., 103.000. 12, Jim Foody, Addison, Ill., 102.950. 13, Mike Moran, Windsor, Conn., 102.875. 14, David Kruse, Lompoc, Calif., 102.750. 15, Kevin Roulston, Lititz, Pa., 102.650. 16, Brent Klaus, Stroudsburg, Pa., 102.600. 17, Brett McClure, Mill Creek, Wash., 102.550. 18, Sanjuan Jones, Tallahassee, Fla., 102.300. 19, Derek Leiter, Lincoln, Neb., 102.050. 20, Aaron Cotter, Lincoln, Neb., 101.625. 21, Jeff LaVallee, Stafford, Conn., 101.550. 22, Gabe Hansen, Tulsa, Okla., 101.450. 23, Raj Bhavsar*, Houston, Texas, 101.425. 24, Kris Zimmerman*, Hubbard Woods, Ill., 101.375. 25, Zach Roberts**, Encinitas, Calif., 101.350. 26, Jamie Natalie, Wilmington, Del., 100.875. 27, Scott Vetere, Pennsburg, Pa., 100.725. 28, Brad Kenna, Barberton, Ohio, 100.675. 29, Todd Strada, Alpharetta, Ga., 100.550. 30, Paul Hamm**, Waukesha, Wis., 100.550. 31, Michael Ashe, Stone Mountain, Ga., 100.375. 32, Darren Morace, Westfield, Mass., 100.275. 33, Michael Evans*, Houston, Texas, 99.850. 34, Todd Thornton**, Houston, Texas, 99.325. 35, Morgan Hamm**, Waukesha, Wis., 98.275. 36, Adam Berkenbile*, Albuquerque, N.M., 97.950.
* indicates competitors from junior 16-18 age group
** indicates competitors from junior 14-15 age group

1998-99 U.S. Senior National Team

Garry Denk, Northbrook, Ill.
Mike Dutka, Fairless Hills, Pa.
Jim Foody, Addison, Ill.
Jason Gatson, Colorado Springs, Colo.
David Kruse, Lompoc, Calif.
Steve McCain, Los Angeles, Calif.
Michael Moran, Windsor, Conn.
Jay Thornton, Augusta, Ga.
Justin Toman, Wallingford, Conn.
Sean Townsend, Houston, Texas
Trent Wells, Keizer, Ore.
Blaine Wilson, Columbus, Ohio
Chris Young, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Guard Young, Oklahoma City, Okla.

1998-99 U.S. Junior National Team (16-18 age group)

Michael Ashe, Stone Mountain, Ga.
Adam Berkenbile, Albuquerque, N.M.
Raj Bhavsar, Houston, Texas
Shannon Carrion, Tallahassee, Fla.
Michael Evans, Houston, Texas
Daniel Furney, New Braunfels, Texas
Josh Landis, Norman, Okla.
Kris Zimmerman, Hubbard Woods, Ill.

1998-99 U.S. Junior National Team (14-15 age group)

Paul Hamm, Waukesha, Wis.
Morgan Hamm, Waukesha, Wis.
Jamey Houle, Longmeadow, Mass.
Randy Monahan, Elizabethtown, Pa.
Zach Roberts, Encinitas, Calif.
Jock Stevens, Moore, Okla.
Todd Thornton, Houston, Texas