Gymnasts in the U.S. rhythmic, trampoline & tumbling and acrobatic programs will be in action this week in locations ranging from the Midwest to Peru to Portugal.

RG Elite Qualifier

More than 200 Level 9, 10 and elite athletes will compete at the 2024 Rhythmic Elite Qualifier May 17-19 at North Central College in Naperville, Ill. The event is the final competition for junior and senior athletes to qualify to the 2024 USA Gymnastics Championships June 21-26 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Groups will kick off the event with their competition Friday afternoon, followed by individual apparatus competition all day Saturday and Sunday. The top 25 elite junior and 25 elite senior individual all-around winners, excluding those already qualified, and the top three junior groups will advance to elite competition the 2024 USA Gymnastics Championships in Minneapolis.

Visit the event website for all information, including the qualifying process. Results are expected to be available on the Ksis website.

T&T Pan American Championships and Club Cup

24 trampoline and tumbling athletes will represent the U.S. at the 2024 Junior and Senior Pan American Championships and Club Cup May 17-19 in Lima, Peru. The 2024 Club Pan American Cup is a qualifying event for the 2025 Junior Pan American Games.

Competing for the seniors at the Pan Am Championships are women Ava DeHanes, Leah Edelman, Logan McCoy and Trinity Van Natta, and men Paul Bretscher, Cody Gesuelli, Ryan Maccagnan and Elijah Vogel. Juniors set for the event include Grace Danley, Alexandra Mytnik, Kennedi Roberts and Annabella Ursu for the women, and Nate Erkert, Alexander Rozenshteyn, Mick Seyler and Rafi Pikofsky-Christiansen for the men.

In club competition, Maia Amano will join fellow Americans DeHanes, Edelman and McCoy in the 17-21 women’s session. Maccagnan will also compete in the Club Cup as well as Max Poveda, Zachary Ramacci and Jace Williams.

Both championship and club action will run Friday through Sunday and will feature individual trampoline, tumbling and double mini competition. More information about the Pan American Championships and Club Cup is expected on the PAGU website.

Acro Maia World Cup/MIAC

Nearly 30 acro athletes will compete at the 2024 Maia World Cup and Maia International Acro Cup May 16-19 in Portugal.

Fresh off their bronze medal in Bulgaria, the U.S. women’s group of Mariam Tutberidze, Grace Vonder Haar and Kayla Vonder Haar will compete in the World Cup competition alongside the American duos of Ariana Katsov and Mo Arthur, Molly Fox and Katherine Borcherding, and Ethan Chang and David Vonder Haar.

In Acro Cup competition, the U.S. will be represented in the 13-19 age group by women’s pair Sydney Padios and Willow Noble; mixed pair Hailee Wong and Andrew Castro; men’s pair Yaroslav Ossolodkov and Vsevolod Ossolodkov; and women’s groups Lily Eisenberg, Cate Lacy and Cecelia Shadrick, and Phylisha Pham, Kaylee Osorio and Alison Lam.

The 12-18 age group will see competition by women’s pair Sophia Robertson and Dominique Oertel; mixed pairs Rylee Cummins and George Yeramishyn, and Layla Lugo and Tyler Berg; men’s pair Radomir Ossolodkov and Neko Sullivan; and the women’s groups of Maddy Hunt, Avery Puleo and Anna Sullivan, Roni Azerrad, Isabella Collazo and Audrey Wang, and Sophia Nguyen, Graysen Biggs and Addison Scott.

World Cup competition will run from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19 and features two days of qualifications followed by finals on Sunday. Acro Cup competition will see three days of qualifying rounds across May 16-18 concluded with semi-finals and finals on Sunday, May 19.

Live scoring for both events will be available on and all information on each competition can be found on the event website.

Participating athletes are listed alphabetically below by event.

T&T Pan American Championship and Club Cup – Lima, Peru, May 17-19

  • Maia Amano — Honolulu, Hawaii/Merino Trampoline Gymnastics Academy
  • Paul Bretscher — Knoxville, Tenn./Merino Trampoline Gymnastics Academy
  • Grace Danley — Millstone, N.J./Garden State Trampoline Academy
  • Ava DeHanes — Holmdel, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Leah Edelman — Holmdel, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Nate Erkert — Wildwood, Mo./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Cody Gesuelli — Middletown, N.J./Merino Trampoline Gymnastics Academy
  • Ryan Maccagnan — Colorado Springs, Colo./Stars Gymnastics
  • Logan McCoy — Highlands, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Alexandra Mytnik — Manalapan, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Rafael Pikofsky-Christiansen — Silver Spring, Md./Dynamite Gymnastics
  • Max Poveda — Rancho Cucamonga, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics
  • Zach Ramacci — St. John, Ind./Element Tumbling and Trampoline
  • Kennedi Roberts — North Richland Hills, Texas/Southlake Gymnastics Academy
  • Alexander Rozenshteyn — Cranford, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Mick Seyler — Flower Mound, Texas/Southlake Gymnastics Academy
  • Annabella Ursu — Holmdel, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy
  • Trinity Van Natta — Huntsville, Ala./Merino Trampoline Gymnastics Academy
  • Elijah Vogel — Longmont, Colo./Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics
  • Jace Williams — Cave Creek, Ariz./North Valley Gymnastics

Acro Maia World Cup/MIAC – Maia, Portugal, May 16-19

  • Ariana Katsov – Owensville, Mo./Mid America Acro Tumbling
  • Mo Arthur — Rolla, Mo./Mid America Acro Tumbling
  • Roni Azerrad — Rockville, Md./Xtreme Acro
  • Tyler Berg — Phoenix, Ariz./ Aspire Kids Sports Center
  • Graysen Biggs — San Antonio, Texas/Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio
  • Katherine Borcherding — Eureka, Mo./Incentive – AGT
  • Andrew Castro — Riverside, Calif./Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • Ethan Chang — Columbia, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Isabella Collazo — Great Falls, Va./Xtreme Acro
  • Rylee Cummins — Moreno Valley, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Lily Eisenberg — Bethesda, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Molly Fox — San Diego, Calif./So Cal TTC
  • Maddy Hunt — Crownsville, Md./International Elite
  • Cate Lacy — Columbia, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Alison Lam — Gilroy, Calif./Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics
  • Layla Lugo — Chandler, Ariz./Aspire Kids Sports Center
  • Sophia Nguyen — San Antonio, Texas/Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio
  • Willow Noble — Moreno Valley, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Dominique Oertel — San Clemente, Calif./Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • Kaylee Osorio — San Jose, Calif./Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics
  • Radomir Ossolodkov — Beaumont, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Vsevolod Ossolodkov — Beaumont, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Yaroslav Ossolodkov — Beaumont, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Sydney Padios — Moreno Valley, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Phylisha Pham — San Jose, Calif./Aerial Tumbling and AcroGymnastics
  • Avery Puleo — Arnold, Md./International Elite
  • Sophia Robertson — Riverside, Calif./Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • Addison Scott — San Antonio, Texas/Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio
  • Cecelia Shadrick — Ellicott City, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Anna Sullivan — Brookeville, Md./International Elite
  • Neko Sullivan — Perris, Calif./Incentive – AGT
  • Mariam Tutberidze — Owings Mills, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • David Vonder Haar — Laurel, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Grace Vonder Haar — Laurel, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Kayla Vonder Haar — Laurel, Md./Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Audrey Wang — North Potomac, Md./Xtreme Acro
  • Hailee Wong — Colton, Calif./Realis Gymnastics Academy
  • George Yeramishyn — Riverside, Calif./Incentive – AGT