WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 2, 2021) – Daon and USA Gymnastics announced today that VeriFLY™ – the world’s first widely adopted digital wallet created to help travelers and event attendees safely meet COVID-19 requirements – will be used at USA Gymnastics’ U.S. Championships scheduled for June 3-6 in Forth Worth, Texas.

In a continued effort to create a safe and healthy environment for all event participants, VeriFLY will provide certain participants and spectators with the ability to complete COVID-related attendance requirements in the VeriFLY app. The app keeps confidential information secure, including COVID test results and associated vaccination cards, as part of its secure digital health credentials.

At the U.S. Championships, USA Gymnastics will invite certain participants and spectators to download the VeriFLY app. Spectators can then complete a self-certified health questionnaire that collects real-time wellness information. Certain credentialed participants will also use VeriFLY to upload their test results to comply with the event protocols.

“Currently, the VeriFLY digital wallet is being used by more than 800,000 users to provide greater peace of mind, efficiency and added convenience to help facilitate a safer and rapid return of people coming together,” said Daon CEO Tom Grissen. “We are pleased to assist USA Gymnastics so that fans of these remarkable athletes can enjoy the world-class competition.”