Logan Dooley
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HERRLJUNGA, Sweden, May 15, 2010 – Jeffrey Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., and Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif., won the men’s junior and senior trampoline bronze medals, respectively, at the 2010 Frivolten Cup in Herrljunga, Sweden.

The Frivolten Cup also had a "for fun" two-trick competition. Dooley won the men’s competition for the second straight year, and Dakota Earnest of Plains, Texas/Acrospirits, was second for the women.

Gluckstein, who trains at Head over Heels, posted a 36.400 in the junior men’s trampoline competition, which put him behind Russia’s Oleg Talskiy and Alexey Yashchenko, who took first and second, respectively.

In the senior men’s competition, Dooley also placed behind two Russians. Sergey Azaryan and Alexey Ilichev both posted a 40.000, but Azaryan got the gold on a tie-breaker. Dooley, who trains at World Elite Gymnastics, was third at 39.300. Michael Devine of Winnebago, Ill./J & J Tumbling and Trampoline, also competed in the event final.

In the senior women’s trampoline competition, Earnest just missed the medals podium. Russia’s Anna Ivanova and Daria Kolomenskaya claimed first and second, respectively. Another Russian, Maria Kozlova, edged Earnest, who was competing in her first senior level international competition, 34.400 to 34.200.

Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J./Head over Heels, also competed in the event.

2010 Frivolten Cup
Herrljunga, Sweden
May 15, 2010

Junior men’s trampoline
1. Oleg Talskiy, Russia, 37.900
2. Alexey Yashchenko, Russia, 37.700
3. Jeffrey Gluckstein, Atlantic Highlands, N.J., 36.400
4. Rasmus Engelbrektsson, Sweden/Camp Active, 35.000
5. Ilya Dobrovolsky, Russia, 32.600
6. Simon Gerlach, Germany/Kempener TV, 32.400
7. Josef Baudtler, Sweden/TK Levo, 22.400
8. Mans Aberg, Sweden/Osterakers TF, 17.400

Senior women’s trampoline
1. Anna Ivanova, Russia, 35.600
2. Daria Kolomenskaya, Russia/Admiralteyskaya SS, 35.000
3. Maria Kozlova, Russia/Admiralteyskaya SS, 34.400
4. Dakota Earnest / USA-Gymnastics (USA), 34.200
5. Anastasia Velichko, Russia, 34.100
6. Maila Walmod, Denmark/Greve IF, 33.200
7. Olga Azarkevich, Russia/Admiralteyskaya SS, 31.700
8. Pernille Juhl Mogensen, Denmark/Bellinge, 30.000

Senior men’s trampoline
1. Sergey Azaryan, Russia, 40.000
2. Alexey Ilichev, Russia, 40.000
3. Logan Dooley, Lake Forest, Calif., 39.300
4. Anton Gonakov, Russia, 39.300
5. Anatoly Dronov, Russia, 38.100
6. Sergey Kovalev, Russia, 37.600
7. Michael Devine, Winnebago, Ill., 12.300
8. Dmitry Fedorovskiy, Russia, 4.400