The trio of Ball, Padello and Sundberg, also of Xtreme Acro, won the junior women’s group competition with a total of 83.900 (28.000 in balance, 27.667 in dynamic and 28.233 in combined). In second were Violeta Cvetkova, Desislava Asenova and Viktoria Kecheva of Bulgaria, followed by Germany’s Barbara Nub, Lisa Polster and Nina Seeh.


The USA did not compete in the remaining events and divisions.

1st Acrobatic Gymnastics International Tournament

Gabravo, Bulgaria
May 3-6, 2007
Final results*

Age Group Competition, Women’s Group
1. Ashley Hargis, Kristin Weidmaier and Chelcea Riegel, USA, 55.767
2. Tanova Tsveta, Danieva Ralitsa and Joana Vasileva, Bulgaria, 54.534
3. Danielle Warren, Jade Allen and Charlotte McCarthy, Great Britain, 54.434

Age Group Competition, Women’s Pair
1. Hannah Vires and Maren Focke, USA, 55.200
2. Jemma Wood and Jessica Judge, Great Britain, 54.300
3. Teodora Asenova and Williyana Asenova, Bulgaria, 53.067

Junior Women’s Group
1. Erika Sundberg, Keisha Padello and Meghan Ball, USA, 83.900
2. Violeta Cvetkova, Desislava Asenova and Viktoria Kecheva, Bulgaria, 83.517
3. Barbara Nub, Lisa Polster and Nina Seeh, Germany, 83.433

*These are the events the U.S. competed in; for complete results, log on to this site.