Chris Estrada, Photo A A(C) US Presswire: Mark Rebilas
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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, July 28, 2007 — In rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline, the USA today won six medals, representing two gold, three silver and one bronze, at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  In trampoline, Chris Estrada of Lafayette, La., won the men’s gold medal, and teammate Ryan Weston of Chubbuck, Idaho, claimed the bronze medal.  In rhythmic gymnastics, Lisa Wang of Buffalo Grove, Ill., won the ribbon gold medal, as well as two silver medals.  Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md., claimed the silver medal in ribbon.


Between the two disciplines, the USA won a total of three gold, three silver and one bronze medal at this year’s Games.


Rhythmic gymnastics

On the heels of her victory in the all-around, Wang took top honors in ribbon, as well as earned the silver medal in both rope and clubs, for a total of two gold and two silver medals at the Pan Am Games. Zetlin won her first Pan Am medal when she finished second behind Wang in ribbon.


“It’s been absolutely amazing,” said Wang, who also won the all-around earlier in the competition. “This whole competition has been so thrilling, being around all of these elite athletes and doing well. I am really happy with my performance at these Games.”


Zetlin said, “I have never been to the Pan Am Games and I am very pleased. We have been to numerous Grand Prix competitions abroad, but I have not medaled yet, so this is a great accomplishment.”


Even a dropped ribbon couldn’t keep Wang from mounting the podium as the ribbon gold medalist.  She earned a 13.900, besting teammate Zetlin, who scored a 13.525, and Mexico’s Cynthia Valdez, who finished in third at 13.425.


“I felt like I could have done better,” said Wang. “Yesterday I was much happier with my performance than I was today, but it is a learning experience and you can’t expect perfection every day. This whole competition has been a dream come true and I could not ask for anything more.”


“This was a learning experience,” said Zetlin, who finished fourth in the all-around earlier in the competition. “The first day I had some downs, but I climbed back and finished 500th away from getting the bronze (in the all-around), and today getting the silver and medaling in ribbon was icing on the