DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., May 10, 2014 – 2013 U.S. and World double mini-trampoline champion Kristle Lowell of Three Rivers, Mich./Branch Gymnastics, and 2011 World double-mini silver-medalist Austin White of Newport Coast, Calif./World Elite, won the senior double-mini titles, and 2013 U.S. champions Charlotte Drury of Laguna Niguel, Calif./World Elite, and Jeffrey Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy, won the senior trampoline gold medals at the 2014 Stars & Stripes Cup at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Fla.  Also, eight age-group champions were named in trampoline, tumbling and double mini-trampoline and for Levels 5-6 rhythmic gymnastics.  Competition concludes tomorrow in both rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling for the Stars & Stripes Cup.  The Junior Pan American Championships, which is being held in conjunction with the Stars & Stripes Cup, begins at 4:30 p.m. today.
The United States won all of the senior medals for men’s and women’s trampoline and double mini-trampoline.
For women’s trampoline, Drury took top honors at 52.670.  2012 Olympic alternate Dakota Earnest of Tokio, Texas/Acrospirits, was the runner-up at 50.440.  Shaylee Dunavin of Amarillo, Texas/All American Gymnastics, was third (50.070).  In addition, Erynn Stier of Morley, Mich./Branch Gymnastics, was fifth (48.420), and Hayley Butcher of Saint John, Ind./Midwest Training and Ice Center, finished in eighth place (26.370).
Gluckstein’s 53.565 clinched the senior men’s trampoline title.  Teammates Hunter Brewster of Lafayette, La./Trampoline and Tumbling Express, took second at 52.950, followed by Mitch Dewey of Walker, Mich./For the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline, at 51.295.  Also, 2012 Olympic alternate Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif./World Elite, placed sixth (28.035), and N. Stewart Pritchard of Greensboro, N.C./Tumblebees Ultimate Gym, was seventh at 16.865.
In senior men’s double mini-trampoline, White won the title with his 76.800.  Austin Nacey of Braidwood, Ill./TwistStars Tumbling and Trampoline LTD, edged out Alex Renkert of Indianapolis, Ind./Geist Sports Academy, for second, 76.100 to 76.000.  Three other U.S. gymnasts made the finals:  Garret Waterstradt of Paxton, Ill./Sun Elite Athletic Club, fourth, 72.400; Jerrett Jensen of Gilbert, Ariz./Aspire Kids Sports Center, fifth, 71.200; and Justin Hackett of Kalamazoo, Mich./Branch Gymnastics, seventh, 37.100.
For the women, Lowell clinched the double-mini title with a 69.700.  Erin Jauch of Crystal Lake, Ill./Fox Valley Tumbling and Trampoline, was the silver medalist with 69.100. Marina Moskalenko of Saint Cloud, Fla./Stick It Gymnastics, rounded out the medals podium at 68.300.  Alyssa Long of McHenry, Ill./5 Star Tumbling and Trampoline, was fourth with 64.600.  Two additional Americans made the finals:  Breanne Millard of Mission Viejo, Calif./World Elite, sixth, 61.200; and Mikala Collier of Mapleton, Utah/High Altitude Tumbling and Cheer, seventh, 29.300.
The age-group champions for trampoline and double mini are as follows.
Men’s trampoline
13-14:  Ruben Padilla, Oakley, Calif./Springtime Tumbling and Trampoline, 49.450
Women’s trampoline
13-14:  Ginger Hansen, Holmdel, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy, 48.420
Men’s tumbling
13-14:  Patrick Lyell, Kenner, La./Elmwood Gymnastics Academy, 31.200
15-16:  Matthew Hawkins, Phoenix, Ariz./Aspire Kids Sports Center, 30.000
Women’s tumbling
13-14: Rachel Thevenot, Metairie, La./Elmwood Gymnastics Academy, 32.600
15-16:  tie – Angel Rice, Locust Grove, Ga./FlipCity South, and Hope Bravo, Dallas, Texas/Eagles Wings Athletics,  31.400
Men’s double mini-trampoline
11-12:  Landon Speirs, Herriman, Utah/Wasatch Trampoline & Tumbling, 61.000
Women’s double mini-trampoline
11-12:  Avery Tomlin, Crystal lake, Ill./5 Star Tumbling and Trampoline, 61.400
Here’s a summary of the champions from today’s rhythmic gymnastics competition.


  • Group B/Level 6.  Helena Pavlovcic of Los Angeles/LA Ritmica, earned all four event gold medals, as well as the all-around (46.600):  floor, 11.400; hoop, 11.300; ball, 12.600; and ribbon, 11.300.  Nicole Berkovich of Danville, N.J./Liberty Academy, was second in the all-around (41.600), with Juliet Jiang of Winchester, Mass./North-East Rhythmics, in third (39.800).
  • Group C/Level 6. Arina Gavrilenko of Highland Park, N.J./Middlesex Gymnastics Academy, and Ugne Naujokaite of Summit, N.J./Liberty Academy, tied for first and each collected three gold medals:  Gavrilenko — all-around (43.100), floor (10.900) and ball (12.000); and Naujokaite – all-around (43.100), hoop (11.100) and ribbon (10.800).  Annabel Ng of San Diego, Calif./Emerald City Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics, was third in the all-around at 41.100.

Later today, the Youth Olympic Games berths for trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics for North, South and Central America for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, slated for this August in Nanjing, China, will be determined at the Junior Pan Am Championships beginning at 4:30 p.m. The Junior Pan Am Championships wrap up May 11 at 4:30 p.m. with event finals for individual (hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon) and group (five hoops and 10 clubs).
The Stars & Stripes Cup competition also concludes on May 11 with trampoline and tumbling at 9 a.m. and 1p.m., and rhythmic gymnastics at 9:45 a.m. and 1 p.m.  All times are local.
All-day passes are available for $20 at the Ocean Center Box-office.  All tickets are general admission and include facility fees.
The local partners for these events include the Central Florida Sports Commission, the Ocean Center, Volusia County and the Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, and National Travel Systems is a partner for the World Championships and World Age Group Competition.
The World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, held annually except in the Olympic year, determines the men’s and women’s World champions in four events: trampoline, synchronized trampoline, tumbling and double mini-trampoline. The World Age Group Competition showcases the world’s best boys and girls in those four events in four age groups: 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 years of age. The two events are expected to showcase more than 1,100 athletes.
Background information

  • Central Florida Sports Commission. The Central Florida Sports Commission strategically solicits, creates and supports marquee sports-related events and businesses that enhance our community’s economy. The Sports Commission represents the counties of Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia, as well as the City of Orlando. For more information, visit
  • International Gymnastics Federation. The International Gymnastics Federation is the governing body for gymnastics worldwide. It is the oldest established international sports federation and has participated in the Olympic Games since their revival in 1896. The FIG governs seven disciplines: Gymnastics for All, Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic. It counts 135 national member federations and boasts a 27-person staff at its international seat in Lausanne (SUI), host city of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

2014 Stars & Stripes Cup
Daytona Beach, Fla.
May 11, 2014
Day two of three
Senior final results

Double mini-trampoline (senior)

1.  Austin White, Newport Coast, Calif./World Elite, 76.800
2.  Austin Nacey, Braidwood, Ill./TwistStars Tumbling and Trampoline LTD, 76.100
3.  Alex Renkert, Indianapolis, Ind./Geist Sports Academy, 76.000
Other U.S. finishes
4.  Garret Waterstradt, Paxton, Ill./Sun Elite Athletic Club, 72.400
5.  Jerrett Jensen, Gilbert, Ariz./Aspire Kids Sports Center, 71.200
7.  Justin Hackett, Kalamazoo, Mich./Branch Gymnastics, 37.100

1.  Kristle Lowell, Three Rivers, Mich./Branch Gymnastics, 69.700
2.  Erin Jauch, Crystal Lake, Ill./Fox Valley Tumbling and Trampoline, 69.100
3.  Marina Moskalenko, Saint Cloud, Fla./Stick It Gymnastics, 68.300
Other U.S. finishes
4.  Alyssa Long, McHenry, Ill./5 Star Tumbling and Trampoline, 64.600
6.  Breanne Millard, Mission Viejo, Ca/World Elite, 61.200
7.  Mikala Collier, Mapleton, Utah/High Altitude Tumbling and Cheer, 29.300
Trampoline (senior)

1.  Jeffrey Gluckstein, Atlantic Highlands, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy, 53.565
2.  Hunter Brewster, Lafayette, La./Trampoline and Tumbling Express, 52.950
3.  Mitch Dewey, Walker, Mich./For the Kidz Gymnastics and Trampoline, 51.295
Other U.S. finishes
6.  Logan Dooley, Lake Forest, Calif./World Elite, 28.035
7.  N. Stewart Pritchard, Greensboro, N.C./Tumblebees Ultimate Gym, 16.865
1.  Charlotte Drury, Laguna Niguel, Calif./World Elite, 52.670
2.  Dakota Earnest, Tokio, Texas/Acrospirits, 50.440
3.  Shaylee Dunavin, Amarillo, Texas/All American Gymnastics, 50.070
Other U.S. finishes
5.  Erynn Stier, Morley, Mich./Branch Gymnastics, 48.420
8.  Hayley Butcher, Saint John, Ind./Midwest Training and Ice Center, 26.370