INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The U.S. acrobatic gymnastics delegation to the 2006 British Open Tournament in Stoke-on-Trent, Great Britain, won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal in the international competition that featured teams from clubs and federations from the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Wales, London, Scotland, West Midlands, United States and Yorkshire.
The men’s pair of Julian Amaro of Pleasanton, Calif., and Tyler Spray of Livermore, Calif., won the gold medal with their score of 28.140 for their combined routine, which was the routine that determined the final results in the junior and senior competition. They train at West Coast Acrobatics.
The USA’s silver medals went to the senior mixed pair of Brian Kincher of Ft. Collins, Colo., and Kristin Allen of Livermore, who also train at West Coast Acrobatics; and the junior women’s pair of Mallory Henthorn and Savannah Shields, both of Kearney, Mo./Acro Explosion. Kincher and Allen’s score of 25.140, put them behind Horsham’s mixed pair of Matt Bennett and Isis Clegg-Vinell, who won the gold medal with 26.170. Henthorn and Shields competed against a strong field, finishing second with 26.900 behind Debra Owen and Kelly Mannion of Harefield, who won the gold medal with 27.650.
The 11-16 women’s group of Hannah Busha, Steffi Scheid and Mariah Spray, all of whom are from Livermore and train at West Coast Acrobatics, won a bronze medal in the 11-16 division for their dynamic routine with a score of 28.150.
The balance of the U.S. delegation included these 11-16 age-group pairs/groups: Megan Clemons and Maranda King, both of Blue Springs, Mo./Mid-America Acro Tumbling & Trampoline, women’s pair; Hannah Vires of Brookesville, Md., and Maren Rey of Rockville, Md./ Xtreme Acro, women’s pair; Madison Lamey, Brooke Sassin and Audrey Palmer, all of San Antonio, Texas/Brown’s, women’s group; Courntey Harms, Emily Lingo and Mackenzie Porter, all of Kearney, Mo./Rising Star Acrobatics Club, women’s group; and Chelcea Reigel, Ashley Hargis and Kristin Weidmaier, all of Kearney/Rising Star Acrobatics Club, women’s group. Eight of the nine U.S. pair/groups qualified to finals.

2006 British Open Tournament Results

Senior men’s pair
1. Julian Amaro, Tyler Spray, USA, 28.140

Senior mixed pair
1. Matt Bennett, Isis Clegg-Vinell, Horsham, 26.170
2. Brian Kincher, Kristin Allen, USA, 25.140

Senior women’s group
1. Hayley Buckman, Hannah Pompa, Charlotte Frankline, Southampton, 25.310
2. Elke Knaepkens, Kim Delose, Caro Annaert, APG-Art Gym, 24.300
3. Kirsty Warren, Abigail Marsh, Molly Bailey, Southhampton, 23.750

Junior women’s pair
1. Deborah Owen, Kelly Mannion, Harefield, 27.750
2. Mallory Henthorn, Savannah Shields, USA, 26.900
3. Anita Jones, Cet Williams, Moelwyn, 25.900

Junior women’s group
1. Katherine Smith, Ciara McGrath, Jessica Dangerfield, Harefield, 28.700
2. Natasha Johnston, Emma Storey, Amber Webster, Wakefield, 28.450
3. Josie Rees, Amy Bowditch, Sophie Whitehurst, Bromley Valley, 27.450

Women’s group (11-16)
1. Joanne White, Amber Ballantyne-Styles Rosie Burr, Oxford, 28.900
2. Catherine Aitchison, Rosie Green, Ellie Newitt, Oxford, 28.450
3. Hannah Busha, Steffani Scheid, Mariah Spray, USA, 28.150 >U.S. finish
4. Mackenzie Porter, Emily Lingo, Courtney Harms, USA, 28.000
6. Audrey Palmer, Brooke Sassin, Madison Lamey, USA, 27.550

Mixed pair (11-16)
1. Christopher Rogers, Abby McArdle, Monarchs, 27.050
2. Jamie Pugh, Nicole Sander, West Street, 26.950
3. Christopher Collins, Lauren Jarrett, Monarchs, 26.100

Men’s pair (11-16)
1. Matthew Short, Sean McKenna, Monarchs, 26.250
2. Tim Shaw, Harry Ruddlesden, Rotherham, 25.950

Women’s pair (11-16)
1. Beth Ledger, Beth Sykes, Wakefield, 28.150
2. Louise Lee, Hannah Johnstone, South Tyneside, 27.800
3. Alison Hayes, Louise Kelly, Ballincollig, 27.650
U.S. finishes
4. Megan Clemons, Maranda King, USA, 27.600
5. Maren (Focke) Rey, Hannah Vires, USA, 27.250

Grade 4 Women’s Pair
1. Poppy Spalding, Rachael Prest, Harefield, 48.490

Grade 4 Men’s Pair
1. Lee Baker, Keiran Baker, Horsham, 49.300

Grade 4 Mixed Pair
1. Chris Carnfield, Ellie Stewart-Croker, Horsham, 49.600
2. Carl Denham, Fiona Cowley, Falcon, 39.500

Grade 4 Women’s Group
1. Tsveti Genov, Tashi Goldring, Josie Russell, Richmond, 51.800
2. Jessica Vurlton, Carly Robinson, Emma Strachen, South Staffs, 51.150
3. Ellya Thomas, Erin Jameson, Laura Noone, Harefield, 50.950

Grade 4 Men’s Group
1. Matthew Gregory, Matthew Porter, James Auger, Elijah King, Southampton, 43.000

Out of Age Women’s Group
1. Hannah Feeney, Grace Blacklock, Claire Thompson, Harefield, 52.240
2. Sue Baylet, Christie Vincent, Ashleight Lavender, Saltney, 49.687
3. Naomi Baskwill, Rachael Brown, Georgia Green, Monarchs, 49.683

Out of Age Mixed Pair:
1. Leon Fagbemi, India Bigg, Bromley Valley, 47.883
2. Nathan Lewerthy, Mia Surplice, Southhampton, 41.733

Out of Age Women’s Pair
1. Zoe Hitchen, Ellie Pearce, Checkers, 40.817

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