MONTREAL, Quebec, March 18, 2007—The USA claimed a total of 12 medals, including three gold, at the Gymnix International tournament this weekend in Montreal, Que. In today’s individual event finals, Randi Stageberg of Chesapeake, Va., won a gold medal on floor in the senior competition, while Corrie Lothrop of Gaithersburg, Md., and Sarah DeMeo of Overland Park, Kan., claimed gold medals on vault and floor, respectively, in the junior division.

Stageberg scored a 14.550 to take the top spot on floor, while Amber Trani of Richlandtown, Pa., placed fifth with a 13.975. On bars and balance beam, Stageberg earned bronze medals with scores of 13.350 and 14.900, respectively. Trani was sixth on bars at 12.850 and fifth on beam at 14.075. Stageberg and Trani did not compete on vault.

In the junior division, Lothrop won vault with a 14.975 and was third on bars and floor with scores of 13.525 and 14.025, respectively. She finished fourth on beam at 13.800. DeMeo earned medals of each color: the gold on floor at 14.750; the silver on beam at 14.350; and the bronze on vault with a 14.625. She also tied for fourth on bars with a 13.475.

In Saturday’s competition, the USA won three medals in the team and all-around competitions. In the team event, the U.S. Team of DeMeo, Lothrop, Stageberg and Trani garnered 171.025 points, finishing second to Russia’s 176.425. Stageberg took the senior all-around bronze medal with her 56.725, and Lothrop claimed the junior all-around bronze medal at 56.625. Trani was fourth in the senior all-around with a score of 55.850, and DeMeo finished fourth in the junior all-around with a total of 56.125.

In the all-around, Stageberg earned the day’s highest scores on vault (14.900) and on floor (14.675). She also received a 13.175 on bars and a 13.975 on beam. Trani’s scores were 14.625 on vault, 13.625 on bars, 14.150 on beam and 13.450 on floor.

Lothrop’s junior all-around score of 56.625 represented a 14.975 on vault, a 14.300 on bars, a 13.150 on beam and a 14.200 on floor. DeMeo’s fourth-place finish included a 14.525 on vault, a 14.025 on bars, a 13.425 on beam and a 14.150 on floor.

Stageberg and Lothrop had the USA’s highest medal count with five each, both collecting one gold, one silver and three bronze. Next was DeMeo with four (one gold, two silver and one bronze) and Trani with one silver medal.
Gymnix International Tournament
Montreal, Quebec
March 17, 2007


1. Russia, 176.425
2. USA, 171.025
3. Canada A, 164.875
4. Canada B, 138.075

Senior Division

1. Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 57.550
2. Ksenija Semenova, Russia, 57.175
3. Randi Stageberg, USA, 56.725
4. Amber Trani, USA, 55.850

1. Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 13.663
2. Chloé Henry, Belgium, 13.438
3. Margarita Slepchenko, Russia, 13.325

Uneven Bars
1. Ksenija Semenova, Russia, 15.950
2. Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 15.325
3. Randi Stageberg, USA, 13.350
Other U.S. finish
6. Amber Trani, USA, 12.850

Balance Beam
1. Ksenija Semenova, Russia, 15.850
2. Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 15.025
3. Randi Stageberg, USA, 14.900
Other U.S. finish
5. Amber Trani, USA, 14.075

Floor Exercise
1. Randi Stageberg, USA, 14.550
2. Kristina Vaculik, Canada, 14.450
3. Ksenija Semenova, Russia, 14.275
3. Emma Willis, Canada, 14.275
Other U.S. finish
5. Amber Trani, USA, 13.975

Junior Division

1. Tatiana Nabieva, Russia, 59.075
2. Aliya Mustafina, Russia, 58.825
3. Corrie Lothrop, USA, 56.625
4. Sarah DeMeo, USA, 56.125

1. Corrie Lothrop, USA, 14.975
2. Tatiana Nabieva, Russia, 14.875
3. Sarah DeMeo, USA, 14.625

Uneven Bars
1. Tatiana Nabieva, Russia, 15.125
2. Aliya Mustafina, Russia, 14.825
3. Corrie Lothrop, USA, 13.525
4. Sarah DeMeo, USA, 13.475
4. Charlotte Mackie, Canada, 13.475

Balance Beam
1. Aliya Mustafina, Russia, 14.475
2. Sarah DeMeo, USA, 14.350
3. Tatiana Nabieva, Russia, 14.200
4. Corrie Lothrop, USA, 13.800

Floor Exercise
1. Sarah DeMeo, USA, 14.750
2. Tatiana Nabieva, Russia, 14.300
3. Corrie Lothrop, USA, 14.025