The USA Senior National Team defeated Belgium in a dual competition 145.65 to 137.58 Saturday night, May 26. The competition was conducted at the conclusion of a four day training camp exchange with the Belgium team at the Karolyi Gymnastics Camp in front of spectators from the local Houston gymnastics clubs as well as Region III Elite athletes and coaches who were attending a regional training camp at Brown’s-Houston.

USA was led by 2000 Olympian, Tasha Schwikert (Gym Cats). Schwikert scored an All Around of 37.825. Tabitha Yim (Gliders) captured second All Around with a score of 36.125.
The competition was conducted using the new FIG Code of Points. Additionally, the new FIG vaulting table, that will be used at the 2001 World Championships, was used at this competition. This marks the first time that this new table has been used in competition in the United States. Most of the athletes had not previously experienced the new table prior to this training camp and competition.
The USA Team, under the direction of the Women’s National Team Coordinator, Martha Karolyi, has gone 5-0 since the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.
Other members of the USA Team included, Jaycee Draper (Olympus), Marie Fjordhlom (International), Annie Jenkins (Excalibur), Sarrie Rubin (Brestyan’s), Amanda Stroud (SCEGA) and Rachel Tidd (SCEGA). The training camp also marked the return of Mohini Bhardwaj (UCLA) to the Elite program.
The next major competition for all of the Elite competitors will be the U.S. Classic that will be hosted by Scats Gymnastics and will be held at Cal Poly Pomona in Pomona, California, July 21-22.


Name Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Tasha Schwikert 9.400 9.225 9.575 9.625 37.825
Tabitha Yim 8.750 8.900 8.85 9.625 36.125
Marie Fjordholm 9.175 8.300 8.200 9.000 34.675
Sarrie Rubin 9.05 8.625 8.550 8.350 34.575
Rachel Tidd 9.025 8.950 9.375    
Annie Jenkins       8.625  


Name Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Biancia Lautermann 8.900 8.350 8.500 8.400 34.150
Sabrina Burlinetto 9.075 8.050 8.150 8.800 34.075
Aude Risselin 9.000 8.425 7.050 8.400 32.875
Sigrid Persoon 9.100   8.125 8.575