HOUSTON – The USA Rhythmic Team won the 1998 Junior Pan American Gymnastics Championships with a score of 86.84, outdistancing Canada with a score of 85.57 and Brazil with an 83.89.

The USA Rhythmic team included: Jessica Howard (Jacksonville, Fla.), Danielle Lord (Tualatin, Ore.), and Lindsay Powell (Jacksonville, Fla.).
Coach Efrossina Anguelova said, “The girls did a wonderful job and definitely deserved first place. I’m so proud of them.”
The three-member team said, “It was incredible to hear our national anthem while standing on the top of the award stand.”
The USA Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Teams also won the Junior Pan American Gymnastics Championships tonight, making it a USA sweep!
Event finals for artistic gymnastics and group competition for rhythmic gymnastics continues on Friday and Saturday.

Final Team Scores


1. USA, 86.84
2. Canada, 85.57
3. Brazil, 83.89
4. Argentina, 83.16
5. Chile, 82.63
6. Venuzuela, 81.07
7. Mexico, 78.33
8. Uruguay, 75.54
9. Guatemala, 61.76
10. Cuba, 60.70