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October 10


We are pleased to introduce the revised and OFFICIAL USA Gymnastics TeamGym program for the 2008-2009 season.


Ten Levels are put forth within the TeamGym Junior Olympic/National Program:



Level 1 – Jr. Olympic Introductory 1

Level 2 – Jr. Olympic Introductory 2

Level 3 – Jr. Olympic Intermediate 1

Level 4 – Jr. Olympic Intermediate 2

Level 5 – Jr. Olympic Advanced 1

Level 6 – Jr. Olympic Olympic Advanced 2

Level 7 – Jr. Olympic National 1

Level 8 – Jr. Olympic National 2

Level 9  – National Elite 1

Level 10– National Elite 2


We are also still working on other supplemental information, such as award categories, competiton hosting guidelines, scoring sheets, etc.


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The USAG/GFA Committee wishes to express our thanks for your patience in this process and for all of the numerous conversations and emails with comments, suggestions, feedback, and support for this undertaking.

For USA Gymnastics and the GFA/Committee,

–Steve Whitlock, USAG/GFA Director








Presented below are the new Program Descriptions and Regulations for Levels 1-6 (formerly USAG/TG Levels A, B, C). While there will certainly be some additional work on these levels as they continue to be reviewed, the documents below will provide the core information and details so that TeamGym clubs and choreographers can move forward with their preparations for the 2008-09 season.