INDIANAPOLIS, September 1, 2020 – As a follow up to USA Gymnastics’ June 15 statement on racial and social justice, which outlined initial steps the organization is taking to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in gymnastics, USA Gymnastics is pleased to share the following updates:

  • Collaborating with other U.S. sport bodies:
    USA Gymnastics’ executive leadership team has been actively engaged with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s DEI efforts, participating in numerous webinars and roundtable discussions on eliminating racial disparities and biases in sports. These important conversations have been facilitated by The Inclusion Playbook, a consultancy group made up of athletes, social justice advocates and sports equity experts.

  • Staff and leadership training:
    USA Gymnastics has engaged RISE, a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to champion social justice, to provide trainings and educational resources for USA Gymnastics staff and leadership.

  • Implicit bias:
    As part of the organization’s commitment to examine implicit bias in the sport, USA Gymnastics is partnering with researchers from two prestigious universities to analyze competition data to identify patterns or trends that may provide insight into the prevalence and impact of implicit bias in the sport. These researchers are in the process of reviewing data and mapping out the scope and length of the project, and USA Gymnastics will continue to update the community on the status of their work.

  • DEI discussion panels:
    USA Gymnastics is planning to host at least three informational panels in the fall of 2020. Each panel will focus on a different topic related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Panelists, including athletes, coaches, judges and administrators from all disciplines, will share their experiences, concerns, suggestions and visions for the future of the sport. Insights from these conversations will inform additional organizational efforts in this space, as USA Gymnastics staff and leaders continue to look for opportunities to improve the experiences of all members.

USA Gymnastics continues to engage in dialogue with community members and explore ways to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels and across all disciplines, and will provide additional updates on progress moving forward.