Please attribute the following to Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics

Aca A Athlete safety is a top priority for USA Gymnastics, and sexual misconduct against athletes is unacceptable and against USA Gymnastics policy. USA Gymnastics takes seriously any written grievance regarding its professional members, especially those that could involve young athletes. At this time, we can confirm that we have received correspondence on this matter, and we are actively addressing it in accordance with our policies.

Aca A Member misconduct proceedings are sensitive and confidential in nature, and USA Gymnastics is committed to taking the time needed to conduct a thorough investigation before reaching a conclusion. Each and every situation is evaluated on its individual merits and every step in the process of investigating, verifying, and resolving these matters is considered, including any associated legal proceedings. The process for handling such incidents has evolved through time, and in recent years, USA Gymnastics has been proactive in reviewing and strengthening its policies regarding professional misconduct, including the adoption of a Participant Welfare Policy, mandatory criminal background screening and maintaining a list of individuals who have been banned from membership in the organization that is posted on its website and in its two magazines.

Aca A USA Gymnastics has more than 16,000 professional members, who are committed to providing a safe environment for our 105,000+ athlete members to learn gymnastics.Aca A