National Champions Sean Townsend, Tasha Schwikert
and Jessica Howard to Lead U.S.

Indianapolis- Following program training camps, USA Gymnastics has named the men’s, women’s and rhythmic teams that will compete at the 2002 Senior Pacific Alliance, April 30-May 6 in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the Bill Copeland Sports Center.

I am very confident in the athletes we are sending to Senior Pacific Alliance,” said Bob Colarossi, President of USA Gymnastics. “It is an extremely important international meet for us as it determines our standing with many of the world’s best gymnasts at this point in the Olympic cycle. It also provides valuable international experience for the U.S. athletes on track toward the 2003 World Championships in Anaheim and the 2004 Olympic Games.”

U.S. Men’s Team

Sean Townsend
(Houston, Texas), who won gold on parallel bars at the 2001 World Championships and is the current national champion, and 2001 World Championships silver medalists Paul Hamm (Waukesha, Wis.) and Brett McClure (Mill Creek, Wash.) will lead the charge for the U.S. men. Todd Thornton (Houston, Texas), 2002 Winter Cup Champion, is the alternate. The junior team consists of national team members D.J. Bucher (Cincinnati, Ohio), R.J. Heflin (Norfolk, Mass.), Jamie Henderson (Houston, Texas) and Sho Nakamori (Albany, Calif.). The head coach of the men’s team is Stacy Maloney of Swiss Turners Gymnastics for seniors and Kazuki Nakamori of Stanford Gymnastics for juniors.

U.S. Women’s Team
The women’s team includes reigning senior national champion and 2000 Olympian Tasha Schwikert (Las Vegas, Nev.) along with three-time junior national champion Kristal Uzelac (Whitehall, Pa.), Terin Humphrey (Bates City, Mo.) and Liz Tricase (Itasca, Ill.), all of whom stepped up to the senior ranks in 2002. The junior team consists of young standouts Chellsie Memmel (West Allis, Wis.), Carly Patterson (Allen, Texas), Melanie Sinclair (Orlando, Fla.) and 2001 Goodwill Games medalist Hollie Vise (Dallas, Texas). Donna Strauss of Parkettes Gymnastics and Yevegeny Marchenko of World Olympic Gymnastics were named head coaches of the seniors and juniors, respectively.

U.S. Rhythmic Team
Three-time senior national champion Jessica Howard (Jacksonville, Fla.), Olga Karmansky (Brooklyn, NY), and Shayna Javornicky (Corona, NY) will represent the United States in the rhythmic senior division. The junior team includes Amanda Chivu (Rego Park, NY), Kristin Kaye (Northbrook, Ill.) and Lisa Wang (Buffalo Grove, Ill.). Caitlin Trainor (Glenview, Ill.) and Aline Bakchajian (Granada Hills, Calif.) will attend as alternates. The team will be coached by Nataliya Kiriyenko of Isadora Rhythmics and Lana Lashoff of Rhythmic Gems.
The following countries have confirmed their participation in the 2002 Senior Pacific Alliance: Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines.

2002 U.S. Senior Pacific Alliance Roster

Sean Townsend, Houston, Texas, 2001 World Championships gold and silver medalist
Paul Hamm, Waukesha, Wis., 2001 World Championships silver medalist
Brett McClure, Mill Creek, Wash., 2001 World Championships silver medalist
Todd Thornton, Houston, Texas, (alternate), 2002 Winter Cup Champion
D.J. Bucher, Cincinnati, Ohio, national team member
Sho Nakamori, Albany, Calif., national team member
Jamie Henderson, Houston, Texas, national team member
R.J. Heflin, Norfolk, Mass., national team member


Tasha Schwikert, Las Vegas, Nev., reigning senior national champion and 2000 Olympian
Kristal Uzelac, Whitehall, Pa., three-time junior national champion
Terin Humphrey, Bates City, Mo., national team member
Liz Tricase, Itasca, Ill., national team member
Chellsie Memmel, West Hills, Wis., national team member
Carly Patterson, Allen, Texas, national team member
Melanie Sinclair, Orlando, Fla., national team member
Hollie Vise, Dallas, Texas, 2001 Goodwill Games medalist


Jessica Howard, Jacksonville, Fla., three-time senior national champion
Olga Karmansky, Brooklyn, N.Y., national team member
Shayna Javornicky, Corona, N.Y., national team member
Caitlin Trainor, Glenview, Ill., (alternate), national team member

Amanda Chivu, Rego Park, N.Y., national team member
Kristin Kaye, Northbrook, Ill., national team member
Lisa Wang, Buffalo Grove, Ill., national team member
Aline Bakchajian, Granada Hills, Calif., (alternate), national team member