INDIANAPOLIS, August 24, 2021 – USA Gymnastics has added a third developmental track for its men’s program in 2021. The new Club Track program will create a competitive option for recreational athletes, similar to the Xcel Program on the women’s side, and will join the existing men’s National and Elite Tracks.

Club track routines were created using a modified optional format to allow for versatility. Each level incorporates basic building-block skill progressions, which are catered to gymnasts who may not be able to commit significant time to training, such as newcomers, multi-sport athletes or students with a full slate of extracurricular activities.

“The Club Track of the Men’s Development Program is the perfect place for any club to start a boys’ program by introducing them to competitive gymnastics without requiring a high level of commitment,” said Jason Woodnick, USA Gymnastics’ Vice President of the Men’s Program. “Boys are typically involved in multiple activities, and the requirements for competitive gymnastics can be a deterrent for many families. With minimal time commitments, lower costs, less restrictive uniform requirements and a simpler format, the Club Track is designed to encourage boys of all ages to be a part of a competitive team without sacrificing other extracurricular activities that they enjoy.”

In addition to increasing the training and competition options for available to athletes, USA Gymnastics’ Men’s Club Track program provides an easy-to-implement, cost-effective blueprint for clubs who are looking to add a boys’ gymnastics program.

“Much like Xcel provided clubs a new avenue to substantially grow their girls program, the ‘Club Track’ provides a framework to grow boy’s programs in clubs throughout the country,” said USA Gymnastics Men’s Development Program Committee member Mark Bogoger. “Designed with an easy format and set of rules, the new ‘Club Track’ is not only a great way to introduce boys to the sport of gymnastics but is also perfect for developing new coaches and judges.”

The new Club Track’s levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – offer an easy entry point for athletes of all ages, and particularly those who are introduced to gymnastics at a later age, while providing an athletic foundation they can apply to other activities.

“The Club Track was developed by the Men’s Development Program Committee as an alternative to the traditional compulsory track with the goal of fast-tracking boys into a competitive team environment,” said Dusty Ritter, USA Gymnastics’ Men’s Development Program Coordinator. “Its modified optional format is user friendly and allows gymnasts to construct their own routines based on the skills they have acquired within their first few months of gymnastics, and an athlete can jump into any level as long as he meets the minimum age requirement.”

More information on the Club Track program, including essential resources for starting a boys’ program at your club, are available in the Men’s Development Program: 2021-24 Junior Competition Manual and related webinar.