INDIANAPOLIS, March 1, 2016 – USA Gymnastics has officially launched "myusagym," an iOS app and website geared toward parents, family members and friends of artistic gymnasts on all levels, as well as gymnastics fans. The free app, which is currently available in Apple’s App Store, provides a simple way for fans and family to follow events live through mobile devices and on computers. In 2016, the app will have live scoring from all of USA Gymnastics premier events, as well as many invitationals and Junior Olympic championship events for men’s and women’s gymnastics.

"myusagym" features gymnastics news; information on USA Gymnastics’ premier events, which are listed below; live scoring from men’s and women’s gymnastics events on both Junior Olympic and elite levels, including local, state, regional and national events, as well as premier events like the AT&T American Cup, P&G Gymnastics Championships and the Olympic Trials for gymnastics; and tracking favorite athletes’ performances. For those whose devices do not use the iOS platform, the live results are also available at, which can be accessed from any device.

"USA Gymnastics created ‘myusagym’ to help parents, families, coaches, friends and teammates easily follow their favorite gymnasts when they compete in men’s and women’s gymnastics events sanctioned by USA Gymnastics," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "We think this will make following your children, their teammates and the gymnasts pursuing their Olympic dreams easier than ever. Invitational coverage will be more robust for the next season, but most of this year’s state, regional and national Junior Olympic Championships will be available on ‘myusagym.’"

USA Gymnastics’ premier events in 2016 are the AT&T American Cup, Pacific Rim Championships, Secret U.S. Classic, P&G Championships and U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics.

The key features of "myusagym" are:

  • tracking specific athletes scores through the"favorite" feature;
  • easy to set up and see an athlete’s competition history;
  • newsfeed of gymnastics news;
  • scores from USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events and invitationals, as well as state, regional and U.S. Junior Olympic Championships for men’s and women’s gymnastics;
  • information and scores for premier events, including the AT&T American Cup, Pacific Rim Championships, P&G Championships, U.S. Olympic Team Trials;
  • website,, for access to results from a computer or phones and tablets that do not use iOS.

For the rest of this season, meet directors of USA Gymnastics-sanctioned invitationals and championships that utilize the ProScore system can provide results to the app. Other scoring systems will soon be able to provide results to the app. For more information on how to use the "myusagym" app at USA Gymnastics sanctioned invitationals, visit Scoring providers that would like more information on how to publish scores to the myusagym app may email [email protected].

"We want to thank the meets that participated in our beta testing earlier this season," said Penny. "Their cooperation assisted us in rolling this out as quickly as we have."