Welcome! USA Gymnastics is proud to launch a new, more user-friendly version of usa-gymnastics.org. The revamped site has a new look and information has been reorganized, with the goal of making it easier for fans and members alike to find the information they are seeking. The home page is now dedicated to highlighting what is happening in the sport, as well as coverage from papers across the country. The top stories and news for each program — men’s, women’s, rhythmic, trampoline and tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics and group gymnastics — and Member Services are available on the respective home page, along with member updates. All are easily accessed through the home page.

Please take some time and check out the site. All of the information from the old site is on this site, but it is organized a little differently. To make your first look easier, here’s a quick summary of some of the main changes.

  • The home page has access to each of the program’s content via the icons in the top header. The home page is focused on gymnastics news, with navigation buttons across the top and down the left. In this context, program refers to women, men, rhythmic, acro, T&T, and group gymnastics.


  • Member services is accessed through the gray navigation bar at the top, which appears on the USA Gymnastics home page and every page throughout the Web site. For additional help in navigating the new member services section, please use the following link: Quick Guide. Please feel free to contact USA Gymnastics Member Services Department at 800-345-4719 or [email protected] for assistance navigating the member services area.


  • The gray navigation buttons across the top, along with the program icons, will appear on all pages throughout the site.


  • Left-hand navigation changes based on the section that you are using on the site. While we have tried to make it consistent throughout the site, it is geared toward the program or part of the site where you are currently.


  • Each of the program pages and member services has an area called “member updates.” This is information that is important for those in the program to know. This may include news about camps, educational opportunities, scheduling changes, etc. Targeted updates are also available in areas like Junior Olympics, elite/international, etc.

We really hope you enjoy the new usa-gymnastics.org. Please feel free to send us your thoughts to [email protected]. Thank you!