INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., February 10, 2022 – USA Gymnastics has released updated rules and policies, including a new code of points, for its youth Acrobatics & Tumbling Development Program for the 2022-24 seasons. Acrobatics and tumbling is a growing discipline housed within USAG’s Gymnastics for All program as well as an increasingly popular collegiate sport. These new resources will help clubs around the country provide athletes local opportunities to train and compete in this up-and-coming segment of the sport.

"From the collegiate space to local gyms, Acrobatics & Tumbling is witnessing a period of tremendous growth," said Stefanie Korepin, USA Gymnastics’ Chief Programs Officer. "Thanks to the dedicated members of our Acrobatics & Tumbling Program Committee, USA Gymnastics is equipped to support that growth like never before."

The new rules and policies lay out clear and simple guidelines for club owners who are looking to offer acrobatics and tumbling at their gyms, providing an alternate gymnastics journey for new and existing students. Acrobatics and tumbling has been adopted into the NCAA Emerging Sports for Women program in Divisions I-III, and nearly 40 schools currently offer A&T as a varsity sport. While implementing an A&T program may help clubs broaden their client bases, participating gymnasts will also have the opportunity to earn a college scholarship to compete for a growing number of institutions. The National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Association (NCATA), charged with governance of A&T at the college level, noted it will oversee a student-athlete base of more than 850 competitors during the 2022 season, which got underway this month.

The resources available through USA Gymnastics were created with input from the NCATA to ensure alignment with the skills, competition format and meet management practices in place at the college level. The Acrobatics & Tumbling Program Committee members who collaborated on these materials have extensive experience operating in the A&T space, and a passion for creating greater access to the sport at all levels. They include Bailey Baughn (athlete representative, Tracy Cowan (club representative), Sophia Gardner (athlete representative), Cindy Miller (judging representative), Jennifer Walker (coach representative) and Chevonne White (NCATA representative).

"Member clubs that are looking to expand their existing programming to include A&T will be able to access essential resources, including an updated code of points, and even connect with colleagues who are already active in the discipline," said Korepin. "We are grateful to the NCATA for their partnership and guidance as we work together to broaden access to acrobatics and tumbling throughout the U.S."

General inquiries about USA Gymnastics’ Acrobatics & Tumbling Development Program should be directed to [email protected]. Committee members Tracy Cowan ([email protected]), Cindy Miller ([email protected]) and Jennifer Walker ([email protected]) are also available to speak directly with coaches and club owners who are looking to start an A&T program at their gyms.