Indianapolis – Based on final results of the Sports Acrobatics National Championships, July 14-18, in New Orleans, and the Sports Acrobatic Team Trials, August 8-9, in Cleveland, Ohio, the following athletes will represent the United States at the 2002 Sports Acrobatics World Age Group Games, September 24-25, and the 2002 Sports Acrobatics World Championships, September 27-29, in Riesa, Germany.

“I’m very confident in the teams we are sending to represent the USA at the World Championships and the World Age Group Games,” said Bob Colarossi, President of USA Gymnastics. “These are extremely important competitions for the program and I look forward to them making a strong international impact.”

World Championships Team

Mixed Pair – Shenea Booth (San Jose, Calif.) & Arthur Davis (Riverside, Calif.)
Women’s Pair – Jessica Gardner (Moreno Valley, Calif.) & Nicolette Bohnert (Moreno Valley, Calif.)
Women’s Trio – Heather Downs (El Dorado Hills, Calif.), Tamara Annonson (Antelope, Calif.), Sabina Knight-Yuponce (Sacramento, Calif.)
Head Coach – David Reiakvam (Riverside, Calif.)

World Age Group Games 12-18 age group

Women’s Pair – Marie Annonson (Antelope, Calif.) & Brittany Horrell (Sacramento, Calif.)
Women’s Pair – Clare Brunson (Riverside, Calif.) & Olivia Solo (Norco, Calif.)
Women’s Trio – Danielle Heider (Riverside, Calif.), Samantha Schabow (Yucca Valley, Calif.), Holli Morris (Canyon Lake, Calif.)
Women’s Trio – Lori Oberst (San Jose, Calif.), Kelly Brock (San Jose, Calif.), Alayna Davis (San Jose, Calif.)
Women’s Trio – Robin Stevens (Los Gatos, Calif.), Candace Bedell (San Jose, Calif.), Kelly Patton (San Jose, Calif.)
Head Coach – David Reiakvam (Riverside, Calif.)

World Age Group Games 11-16 age group

Mixed Pair – Shane Creighton (Sacramento, Calif.) & Lindsay Nagle (El Dorado Hills, Calif.)
Women’s Pair – Allison Cole (Derwood, Md.) & Jessica Guiel (Gaithersburg, Md.)
Women’s Trio – Haley Miller (Woodbridge, Va.), Shannon Donnelly (Montclair, Va.), Allison Anoll (Montclair, Va.)
Women’s Trio – Kelly Topp (Pleasanton, Calif.), Angela Hatch (Pleasanton, Calif.), Gina Nicolo (Livermore, Calif.)
Head Coach – David Reiakvam (Riverside, Calif.)