MOSCOW, July 20, 2019 – The USA finished in 20th place in the team all-around at the first Junior World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships at the city’s Olympic Complex Luzhniki. The International Gymnastics Federation counted the individual scores for all four individual and two group routines for the team all-around total.

The USA tallied a 91.075 for 20th in the team competition. Russia easily won the team title with a 131.150. Italy claimed the silver (119.100) and Israel the bronze (113.800).

For the individual competition, Victoria Kobelev of Palm Coast, Fla./Rhythmic Art, was 13th in clubs at 16.150. Jenna Zhao of Burr Ridge, Ill./Vitrychenko Academy, notched a 13.450 in the ribbon qualification for 26th. Alexandria Kautzman of Westlake Village, Calif./Burlo Gymnastics, also competed in the individual competition. Russia’s Lala Kamarenko posted the top qualification mark for clubs and teammate Dariia Sergaeva held that spot for ribbon (18.250).

For group, Russia won the all-around with a total of 49.550, with the best score for both five hoops (26.900) and five ribbons (22.650). Italy was second at 45.100, and Belarus was third (43.100). The USA took 19th at 31.475 (five hoops/17.175 and five ribbons/14.300). The members of the U.S. group, which is based at Vitrychenko Academy in Niles, Ill., are: Madeleine Avila of Highland Park, Ill.; Lola Perez of Weymouth, Mass.; Tatyana Shilshtut of Buffalo Grove, Ill.; Remy Turner of Glendale, Calif.; and Emily Wilson of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Russian gymnasts swept all six event finals titles. Anastasia Simakova won the rope title with a 20.600, Lala Kramarenko won ball (21.525) and clubs (20.750), and Daria Sergaeva was the ribbon champion (17.650). The Russian junior group won both five hoops (26.250) and five ribbons (21.450) titles.

The World Championships format included the all-around in both individual and group rhythmic gymnastics, as well as a team competition and individual event finals. For the individual competition, a country may have a two-, three- or four-person team, and each athlete must compete at least once. Just one athlete per country competes for each event. In addition to an all-around country champion, the top eight gymnasts for each apparatus advance to the event finals.