The 2013 Turin Cup took place in Turin, Italy from July 5-7. Three clubs from the USA sent international club athletes to compete in Turin, each medaling in their respective events.

USA earned two medals in the 11-16 Women’s Group division. Maya Reage, Lily Dyer, and Cristin Connerney from 1st Class/USA won the silver medal and Amanda Shrader, Julia Shrader, and Holland Koller from 1st Class/USA won the bronze. The 11-16 Women’s Pair of Emma Kissel and Sophia Handel from 1st Class/USA also won a bronze medal in their division.

The 12-18 Women’s Pair of Samantha Servallion and Madeline Bones from ATA/USA won a silver medal while the 13-19 Mixed Pair of Lydia Webb and Axel Osborne from WOGA/USA won a bronze.