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ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Nov. 12, 2009 – The USA qualified for both women’s and men’s team double mini-trampoline and women’s team tumbling finals at the 2009 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships at the St. Petersburg (Russia) Sports and Concert Complex. In addition, the U.S. advanced one man and one woman to each individual event final. 2009 U.S. champions Kaitlin Tortorich of Haymarket, Va., and Kalon Ludvigson of Pocatello, Idaho, advanced to individual finals in tumbling, and Austin White of Newport Coast, Calif., and Aubree Balkan of Carlsbad, Calif., in double mini. Competition for Nov. 13 includes: men’s and women’s tumbling and double mini-trampoline team finals; men’s and women’s synchronized trampoline qualification; men’s trampoline finals; and women’s synchronized trampoline finals.

Double Mini-trampoline
Both the U.S. women and men qualified in fourth place on double mini-trampoline to advance to team finals. The women posted a 203.300. Balkan earned the highest U.S. finish in any discipline, qualifying on double mini in third place with a score of 69.100 to advance to individual finals. Sarah Gandy of Reno, Texas, placed 12th and is the first reserve athlete (67.100). Sarah Prosen of Apple Valley, Minn., finished 13th (67.1001). Portugal finished first in team and individual women’s double-mini qualifying.

White led the U.S. men with a score of 71.300, which qualified him for the individual double mini finals in seventh place. 2007 world double-mini team silver-medalist Stephen Raymond of Orlando, Fla., posted the next highest U.S. finish at 14 (70.200), followed by Tony Doles of Lubbock, Texas, at 24 (68.600). Ludvigson scratched his second pass. The men earned a team total of 210.100. Russia led men’s double mini qualifying in both team and individual competition.

Tortorich, a member of the 2007 gold-medal team, qualified for the individual tumbling finals with a seventh place finish and a score of 62.600. She helped the U.S. women advance to the tumbling team finals with a 183.000 total. 2005 team silver-medalist Amy McDonald of McKinney, Texas, finished 13th (59.300) and just missed being a reserve athlete for the individual finals. Susannah Johnson of Roanoke, Va., landed in 17th place (58.200), and 2007 team gold-medalists Leanne Seitzinger of Stafford, Va., two spots behind at 19th (57.600). Russia led women’s tumbling qualifying in both team and individual competition.

On the men’s side, Ludvigson rebounded from his miss on double mini to qualify eighth in tumbling with a score of 71.600. Jeffrey Brown of Huntsville, Ala., finished 25th (65.600). The USA did not compete in the men’s team tumbling competition.

Both the U.S. men and women competed in the trampoline team finals, making it the first time in history both teams have qualified to finals at the same time. The men finished in fourth place with a score 88.900, and the women in fifth with a 74.600. The Chinese won both the men’s and women’s team gold medals. The U.S. men’s trampoline team included 2009 World Cup gold-medalists Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., and Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif.; Michael Devine of Winnebago, Ill.; and Neil Gulati of Laguna Beach, Calif. Competing for the women were Hayley Butcher of St. John, Ind.; Nani Vercruyssen of Honolulu, Hawaii; and Alaina Williams of Amarillo, Texas.

Qualification round scores do not carry forward into the final round. The Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships continue through Nov. 14.

2009 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships
Nov. 12, 2009
St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex (SKK)
St. Petersburg, Russia
Final Results
Trampoline Team Finals
1. China, 126.700
2. Belarus, 120.500
3. Russia, 117.000
4. United States, 88.900
5. Japan, 79.500
1. China, 117.000
2. Canada, 110.30
3. Russia, 109.600
4. Belarus, 103.400
5. United States, 74.600
Qualification Results
Double Mini-Trampoline
Men’s Team
1. Russia, 218.800
2. Portugal, 215.200
3. Canada, 212.700
4. United States, 210.100
5. Great Britain, 209.900
Men’s Individual
1. Dmitry Fedorovskiy, Russia, 73.400 Q
2. André Fernandes, Portugal, 73.300 Q
3. Evgeny Chernoivanov, Russia, 72.200 Q
4. Sergey Kovalev, Russia, 72.000
5. Tim Lunding, Sweden, 71.800 Q
6. Bruno Martini, Brazil, 71.500 Q
7. Andre Lico, Portugal, 71.400 Q
8. Austin White, Newport Coast, Calif., 71.300 Q
9. Matthew Swaffer, Great Britain, 71.300 Q
Other U.S. finishers
14. Stephen Raymond, Orlando, Fla., 70.200
24. Tony Doles, Lubbuck, Texas, 68.600
37. Kalon Ludvigso, Pocatello, Idaho, 22.500

Women’s Team
1. Portugal, 207.400
2. Russia, 207.300
3. Canada, 204.400
4. United States, 203.300
5. Brazil, 200.300

Women’s Individual
1. Silvia Saiote, Portugal, 69.500 Q
2. Andreia Robalo, Portugal, 69.300 Q
3. Aubree Balkan, Carlsbad, Calif., 69.100 Q
4. Julie Warnock, Canada, 69.000 Q
5. Galina Goncharenko, Russia, 68.800 Q
6. Anastasia Velichko, Russia, 68.600 Q
7. Victoria Voronina, Russia, 68.400
8. Ana Simoes, Portugal, 68.300
9. Corissa Boychuk, Canada, 67.900 Q
10. Chelsea Nerpio, Canada, 67.500
11. Adeva Bryan, Great Britain, 67.100 Q
Other U.S. finishers
12. Sarah Gandy, Reno, Texas, 67.100 R
13. Sarah Prosen, Apple Valley, Minn., 67.1001.

Tumbling Qualification
Men’s Team
1. Russia, 221.900
2. China, 213.900
3. Belarus, 210.400
4. Great Britain, 208.300
5. Ukraine, 205.800

Men’s Individual
1. Tagir Murtazaev, Russia, 74.900 Q
2. Yang Song, China, 74.400 Q
3. Mikhail Kostyanov, Russia,  73.700 Q
4. Andrey Krylov, Russia, 73.300
5. Viktor Kyforenko, Ukraine, 72.600 Q
6. Michael Barnes, Great Britain, 72.300 Q
7. Siarhei Artsemenka, Belarus, 71.600 Q
8. Kalon Ludvigson, Pocatello, Idaho, 71.600 Q
9. Zhang Lingfeng, China, 70.400 Q
10. Charlie Burrows, Great Britain, 70.300 R
Other U.S. finisher
25. Jeffrey Brown, Huntsville, Ala., 65.600
Women’s Team
1. Russia, 197.400
2. Great Britain, 190.200
3. Canada, 185.000
4. United States, 183.000
5. Ukraine, 179.600

Women’s Individual
1. Anna Korobeynikova, Russia, 67.500 Q
2. Elena Krasnokutskaya, Russia, 65.000 Q
3. Anzhelika Soldatkina, Russia, 64.900
4. Rachael Letsche, Great Britain, 64.100 Q
5. Emily Smith, Canada, 63.900 Q
6. Zara Mclean, Great Britain, 63.500 Q
7. Kaitlin Tortorich, Haymarket, Va., 62.600 Q
8. Jennifer Dawes, Great Britain, 62.600
9. Ashley Speed, Canada, 62.100 Q
10. Bianca Budler, Republic of South Africa, 60.900 Q
Other U.S. finishers
13. Amy McDonald, McKinney, Texas, 59.300
17. Susannah Johnson, Roanoke, Va., 58.200
19. Leanne Seitzinger, Stafford, Va., 57.600
Competition schedule (Times are local St. Petersburg time)
Note: St. Petersburg is 8 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone; when it is midnight in NYC, it is 8 a.m. in St. Petersburg.

Nov. 13
11 a.m.           Qualifications: Men’s and women’s synchronized trampoline
6 p.m.             Finals: Women’s and men’s double mini-tramp team; women’s and men’s  tumbling team; women’s synchronized trampoline; men’s trampoline

Nov. 14
2 p.m.             Finals: Men’s and women’s double mini-tramp; men’s tumbling
4 p.m.             Finals: Men’s synchronized trampoline; women’s tumbling; women’s trampoline