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3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze

The USA Acrobatic Gymnastics program has success in Swidnica Poland at the Chmielewski Tournament winning 5 medals – 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze. The athletes competing in this competition represented their respective club teams. Below is a re-cap of their fun and successful trip! Great job athletes, coaches, and judges. Go US Acro!


May 26, 2007

The USAA trio started the day once again with a strong dynamic routine. The AE trio debuted new choreography that kept them in the lead. TOPs also performed well under pressure at their first international competition. Dacia Wagnon and Shelby Sassin from USAAA built on their lead with a steady balance routine.


The afternoon was set for finals, although the medals would be determined by the total of all 3 routines. The trios from the USA went 1-2-3 with AE and TOPs performing balance and USAAA performing dynamic. The AE trio received the highest score of all the age group athletes with a 28.150.


The USAAA pair was able to stay on top with another solid balance routine that included a 9.3 for execution. What a huge accomplishment for all these 11-16 athletes to medal at their first international competition!


The Fliptastics trio won the combined routine, but were still in 2nd based on all 3 scores. Mallory and Savannah earned another gold, finishing a solid combined routine that included a double back salto.


In total, the USA earned 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal. The USA athletes as a whole have had a very successful spring international showing.


May 25, 2007

The 11-16 trio from USAAA had the difficult task of presenting the first exercise of the entire competition. They set the tone with a solid balance routine marred only by a short hold. The trio from TOPs and AE followed with superb routines of their own putting these athletes 1-2-3 ahead of Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary. The 11-16 women’s pair from USAAA performed last in their group and took the lead based on their strong artistry scores.


The seniors took the floor in the morning and afternoon presenting their balance and dynamic exercises. Mallory Henthorn and Savannah Shields from AE performed well in the dynamic exercise putting them in first place. The Fliptastic trio showed great presentation in the dynamic exercise for a 2nd place start. AE suffered a fall in balance, but were still able to stay in 1st going into combined. The Fliptastic trio showed interesting balance elements finishing in 2nd behind Germany.


May 23-24, 2007

The first practices went well despite coming at the end of a long day of travel. Jola Jones was on hand to give valuable feedback to t