GHENT, Belgium – The USA won the women’s double mini-trampoline team title and Sarah Gandy of Paris, Texas, placed first in junior women’s double mini at the Cup of Flanders, April 25-26 in Ghent, Belgium.

Aubree Balkan of Carlsbad, Calif., Sarah Prosen of Apple Valley, Minn., Lisa VanOrden of Pingree, Idaho, and Gandy posted a score of 98.30 in the women’s double mini team competition to best Great Britain’s 97.90 and Australia’s 97.80.

Gandy posted a score of 65.70 to place first in junior women’s double mini, followed by Great Britain’s Hanna Moses in second and Australia’s Madeleine Johnson in third with scores of 65.60 and 65.30, respectively. Gandy also finished fifth in junior women’s trampoline.

In senior women’s double mini, Prosen just missed medaling by finishing fourth with a score of 64.70. Stephen Raymond of Byron Center, Mich., placed seventh in senior men’s double mini-trampoline. Also competing for the USA but not advancing to finals was Austin White of Irvine, Calif.

The Cup of Flanders featured competition in men’s and women’s trampoline, double mini-trampoline and tumbling in four age groups: children, youth, junior and senior.

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Flanders Cup
Ghent, Belgium
April 25-26

Final results (events with U.S. finishes only)

Women’s double mini-trampoline team
1. USA, 98.30
2. Great Britain, 97.90
3. Australia (Castle Hill), 97.80
4. Great Britain, 95.30
5. Canada (British Columbia), 95.00

Senior women’s double mini-trampoline
1. Hayley Tagell, Australia, 66.20
2. Kirsty Ward, Great Britain, 65.30
3. Jaimi Meyer, Australia, 65.10
4. Sarah Prosen, USA, 64.70
5. Lina Ludwigson, Sweden, 63.10
6. Aurélie Mortier, Belgium, 62.50
7. Hilde Van Grieken, Belgium, 53.90
8. Louise Pennell, Great Britain, 32.20

Junior women’s trampoline
1. Zita Frydrychova, Czech Republic, 35.60
2. Sheila Gonzalez, Spain, 35.00
3. Madeleine Johnson, Australia, 33.90
4. Valerie Vanmellaerts, Belgium, 33.80
5. Sarah Gandy, USA, 32.30
6. Iva Bubenikova, Czech Republic, 31.50
7. Carolina Cirillo, Canada, 31.40
8. Cristina Sainz, Spain, 8.70

Junior women’s double mini-trampoline
1. Sarah Gandy, USA, 65.70
2. Hanna Moses, Great Britain, 65.60
3. Madeleine Johnson, Australia, 65.30
4. Chelsea Nerpio, Canada, 65.10
5. Lisa Van Orden, USA, 63.50
6. Adeva Bryan, Great Britain, 63.50
7. Noelia Serrano, Spain, 33.00
8. Robyn Osborne, Great Britain, 32.60

Senior men’s double mini-trampoline
1. Alejandro Ruiz, Spain, 72.00
2. Jack Penny, Australia, 71.20
3. Ty Swadling, Australia, 70.10
4. David Jiminez, Spain, 68.40
5. Sandro Moreno, Spain, 58.40
6. Pui Chau Hoy, Spain, 35.10
7. Stephen Raymond, USA, 33.30
8. Philip Dodson, Great Britain, 32.30