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THIAIS, France, March 23, 2015 – The senior U.S. rhythmic gymnastics group competed in both the five ribbons and six clubs-two hoops finals at the 2015 Thiais Grand Prix this past weekend in Thiais, France. The group finished fifth in six clubs-two hoops and sixth in five ribbons. The USA’s Aliya Proto of Culver City, Calif./ California Rhythms, competed in the individual competition and finished 20th.

Members of the senior rhythmic group, who train at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, are Kiana Eide of Northbrook, Ill.; Alisa Kano of Glencoe, Ill.; Natalie McGiffert of Northbrook, Ill.; Monica Rokhman of Northbrook, Ill., Jennifer Rokhman of Northbrook, Ill.; and Kristen Shaldybin of Chicago.

The group posted scores of 15.567, six clubs-two hoops, and 14.600, five ribbons.