San Antonio, Texas- The 2001 Trampoline and Tumbling National Championships crowned national champions in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, power tumbling and double-mini today at the Freeman Coliseum.

2000 Olympic Alternate Ryan Weston (Chubbock, Idaho) earned his fifth national trampoline title with a score of 105.60. Weston won the title in 1999, 1998, 1997 and 1996, but had an ankle injury in 2000 and was unable to compete.
“It means so much for me to win this title, especially with my family here,” said Weston. “In the warm-up, I was nervous but I saw my family in the crowd and knew I had the support of my teammates and my coach so I knew I could do it. This just really means a lot, especially after being injured last year.”
12 year-old Alaina Hebert (Lafayette, La.), 2000 Junior Trampoline National Champion, took the senior women’s trampoline title with a score of 103.10.
“This feels really good and I’m so excited,” said Hebert. “It means a lot to me because I put all my hard work and dedication into the sport and it worked out.”
In the tumbling competition, national titles were earned by Brad Davis (Riverton, Kansas) with a score of 154.50 and Alisha Robinson (Oak Grove, Mo.) with 143.
“It feels great to win the national title because I had a couple injuries before the competition,” said Davis. “I came back about three weeks ago and trained really hard and I think it all came together. I’m still about 85 percent but hopefully before the World Championships I’ll be ready. I am hoping to make it to the medal round at Worlds.”

Josh Vance
(Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Kirstin McNabb (Pocatello, Idaho) took the double mini titles with scores of 125.70 and 124.90, respectively.
Synchronized trampoline titles were earned by Nic Marlin (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) and Peter Dodd (Mission Viejo, Calif.) with 126.90 in the men’s division and McNabb and Mackenzie Stone (Pocatello, Idaho) with 114.50 on the women’s side.

2001 World Championships

The following athletes earned spots on the 2001 World Championships Team. They will represent the U.S. in Odense, Denmark, July 26-28.

Trampoline – Ryan Weston, Jennifer Parilla

Tumbling – Brad Davis, Frankie Hartman, Chris Helton, Jared Olsen, Lajeana Davis, Alisha Robinson

Double Mini – Derrick Aldrich, Keith Douglas, David Ford, Josh Vance, DeDe Mogavero, Tara Sewell, Erin Smith

2001-2002 National Teams

The top six seniors and top four juniors in each division from the 2001 National Championships (plus two possible wild cards) earned positions on the national team. National team members represent the U.S. in international competitions throughout the year.

Following are the results of the 2001 National Championships:

Senior Elite Competition

Men’s Trampoline
  1. Ryan Weston, Elite Performance, 105.60
  2. Peter Dodd, Sky Surfers Trampoline Team, 95.30
  3. Byron Smith, Air Extreme, 92.40
  4. Derrick Aldrich, Brandy Johnson’s Gymnastics, 78.70
  5. Nic Marlin, Sky Surfers Trampoline Team, 78.50
  6. David Ford, Elite Performance, 54.10
Women’s Trampoline
  1. Alaina Hebert, Trampoline and Tumbling Express, 103.10
  2. Kallan Kampas, Upside Downers, 99.80
  3. Jaime Strandmark, Minnesota Twisters, 99.60
  4. Mackenzie Stone, Elite Performance, 99.10
  5. Erin Maguire, Elite Performance, 98.10
  6. Courtney Smith, J&J Tumbling and Trampoline, 97.90
  7. Kim Poling, Minnesota Twisters, 95.40
  8. Kirstin McNabb, Elite Performance, 65.40
Men’s Tumbling
  1. Bradley Davis, Air Extreme, 154.50
  2. Jared Olsen, Flyers, 152.00
  3. Chris Helton, American Center for Elite Sport, 150.50
  4. Frankie Hartman, American Center for Elite Sport, 150.30
  5. Casey Finley, Air Extreme, 142.90
Women’s Tumbling
  1. Alisha Robinson, Great American Gymnastics Express, 143.00
  2. Lajeana Davis, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, 141.00
  3. Jackie Rakowska, J&J Tumbling and Trampoline, 133.50
Men’s Double Mini
  1. Josh Vance, Gleason’s Gymnastics School,125.70
  2. Jamar Young, Air Extreme, 125.50
  3. David Ford, Elite Performance, 124.60
  4. Daniel Walker, Air Extreme, 124.20
  5. Casey Finley, Air Extreme, 123.60
  6. Peter Dodd, Sky Surfers Trampoline Team, 122.50
  7. Kory Konsoer, West Michigan Flying Tumblers, 122.30
  8. Karl Heger, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, 119.90
Women’s Double Mini
  1. Kirstin McNabb, Elite Performance, 124.90
  2. Tara Sewell, Upside Downers, 123.90
  3. Shelley Klochan, Dyna-Mite Tumblers, 123.80
  4. Erin Smith, Elite Performance, 123.60
  5. Lindsey Thompson, West Michigan Flying Tigers, 123.40
  6. DeDe Mogavero, Upside Downers, 115.10
  7. Vanessa Wood, Elite Performance, 113.10
  8. Molly Fahrmeier, Dave’s Gymnastics Factory, 91.50
Men’s Synchro
  1. Nic Marlin/Peter Dodd, Sky Surfers Trampoline Team,
  2. David Popkin/Ryan Weston, Head Over Heels/Elite Performance,
Women’s Synchro
  1. Kirstin McNabb/Mackenzie Stone, Elite Performance, 114.50

Junior Elite Competition

Men’s Trampoline
  1. Tanner Griggs, Air Extreme, 99.80
  2. Daniel Owens, J&J Tumbling and Trampoline, 97.10
  3. Nick Ludwig, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, 96.50
  4. Craig Myers, Dyna-Mite Tumblers, 94.60
  5. Kyle Bowen, Airtime Trampoline Team, 94.40
  6. Daniel Walker, Air Extreme, 93.20
  7. Jamar Young, Air Extreme, 70.50
  8. Nathan Gibeault, Airtime Trampoline Team, 67.30
Women’s Trampoline
  1. Jenny Wescott, Dyna-Mite Tumblers, 102.40
  2. Shanelle Landry, Trampoline and Tumbling Express, 100.50
  3. Erin Blanchard, Trampoline and Tumbling Express, 100.00
  4. Lindsey Thompson, West Michigan Flying Tigers, 96.50
  5. Franny Doherty, Gleason’s Gymnastics School, 96.30
  6. Brittany Dircks, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, 95.90
  7. Rachel Adrig, Gymnastics Team USA, 94.40
  8. Ashleigh Powalski, Gymnastics Team USA, 94.10
Men’s Tumbling
  1. Jamar Young, Air Extreme, 145.50
  2. Daniel Walker, Air Extreme, 140.80
  3. Demorick Garrett, Gym Fit Inc., 137.20
  4. Jon Black, International Gymnastics Academy, 135.10
  5. Shawn Moore, Indy School of Gymnastics, 131.10
  6. Drew Simon, Duncanville Gymnastics, 130.50
  7. Jeffery Holloway, Opelika Parks Recreation Trampoline, 126.20
  8. Kyle Kwoka, Dyna-Mite Tumblers, 124.70
Women’s Tumbling
  1. Shelley Klochan, Dyna-Mite Tumblers, 132.30
  2. Lindsey Blundell, Longview Gymnastics, 130.00
  3. Jenny Wescott, Dyna-Mite Tumblers, 61.10
  4. Kristan Mahoney, Heber Handspringers, 62.90
  5. Megan Dacy, Flip Factory, 62.90
  6. Kate Goldberg, Indy School of Gymnastics, 62.80
  7. Brittany Dircks, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, 125.50
  8. Bridget Davis, Opelika Parks Recreation Trampoline, 61.40
Men’s Double Mini
  1. Stephen Hinson, I