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DENTON, Texas, April 18, 2010 – Three gymnasts from Texas Woman’s University, Rashonda Cannie, Kristin Edwards and Brittany Johnson, won event titles at the 2010 USA Gymnastics Women’s Collegiate National Championships on Saturday night at Kitty Magee Arena in Denton, Texas. Cannie and Johnson won the uneven bars and balance beam event titles, respectively. Edwards tied Cornell University’s Emily Santoro for the vault title, and the University of Bridgeport’s Monica Mesalles won the floor exercise title.

With scores of 9.763, Edwards and Cornell’s Santoro tied for first place on vault. TWU’s Amy Winczura took third with 9.738. Temple University’s Katie Canning finished fourth, and Amanda Holt of Centenary College placed fifth.

TWU’s Johnson took the balance beam title with a 9.800. Anissa Madrid of Seattle Pacific University finished second with a 9.750. Bridgeport’s Mesalles and Emily Repko tied for third with scores of 9.725. Michelle Graves of TWU finished fifth.

2010 all-around champion Cannie won uneven bars with a 9.775. Kaysha Heck of Seattle Pacific finished in second with 9.650. In a three-way tie for third, Maddie Pearsall of Cornell, Gabriella Sanquineti of Cornell, and Erica Gerlach of Rutgers University rounded out the top five with scores of 6.250.

Bridgeport’s Mesalles edged TWU’s Edwards by a half a tenth to win the floor exercise title 9.850 to 9.800. TWU’s Winczura tied for third with Temple’s Nina Oteri at 9.750. Emily Lenk of Cornell finished fifth.

The Pioneers’ three individual event titles were the most for a single school in the last five years. Seattle Pacific also won three event titles in 2005. TWU is the only school in the history of USA Gymnastics Women’s Collegiate Championships to win all of the event titles (1999).

2010 USA Gymnastics Women’s Collegiate Championships
Kitty Magee Arena
Texas Woman’s University
April 18, 2010

Individual Event Finals

1T. Emily Santoro, Cornell University, 9.763
1T. Kristin Edwards, TWU, 9.763
3. Amy Winczura, TWU, 9.738
4. Katie Canning, Temple University, 9.725
5. Amanda Holt, Centenary College, 9.713
6. Teenie Beck, College of William & Mary, 9.688
7T. Sherah Veron, Seattle Pacific University, 9.675
7T. Brittany Johnson, TWU, 9.675
9. Tiara Land, University of Bridgeport, 9.650
10T. Alyssa Lewandowski, Rutgers University, 9.575
10T. Laura Sevarino, Rutgers University, 9.575

Uneven bars
1. Rashonda Cannie, TWU, 9.775
2. Kaysha Heck, Seattle Pacific University, 9.650
3T. Maddie Pearsall, Cornell University, 9.625
3T. Gabriella Sanguineti, Cornell University, 9.625
3T. Erica Gerlach, Rutgers University, 9.625
6T. Justine Basley, Southern Connecticut, 9.600
6T. Adriana Panades Erra, University of Bridgeport, 9.600
6T. Lorraine Galow, University of Bridgeport, 9.600
9. Chelsea Troutman, Temple University, 9.575
10T. Laura Willis, Seattle Pacific University, 9.525
10T. Carissa Huggins, University of Bridgeport, 9.525
12 104 Brittany Johnson TWU 9.350

Balance beam
1. Brittany Johnson, TWU, 9.800
2. Anissa Madrid, Seattle Pacific University, 9.750
3T. Monica Mesalles, University of Bridgeport, 9.725
3T. Emily Repko, University of Bridgeport, 9.725
5. Michelle Graves, TWU, 9.625
6. Corrine Williams, Temple University, 9.575
7. Katie Canning, Temple University, 9.550
8. Melanie Standridge, Cornell University, 9.525
9. Lorraine Galow, University of Bridgeport, 9.000
10. Leigh Heinbaugh, Rutgers University, 8.650

Floor exercise
1. Monica Mesalles, University of Bridgeport, 9.850
2. Kristin Edwards, TWU, 9.800
3T. Nina Oteri, Temple University, 9.750
3T. Amy Winczura, TWU, 9.750
5. Emily Lenk, Cornell University, 9.725
6T. Corrine Williams, Temple University, 9.700
6T. Breanna Collins, University of Bridgeport, 9.700
8. Whitney Daughtery, Centenary College, 9.650
9T. Laura Sevarino, Rutgers University, 9.625
9T. Jessica Watts, University of Bridgeport, 9.625