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Nuggets of Knowledge

“Nuggets of Knowledge” are articles or 2-5-minute videos that feature selected experts, who provide their opinion, perspective or approach on a given topic or area. Often there is more than one way of approaching a topic, and each presenter will share his/her individual outlook and preferences through his/her “Nugget of Knowledge”.

The Trampoline & Tumbling Program Committee developed the concept for the “Nuggets of Knowledge” as a way for experienced coaches, judges and administrators to share their insights and thoughts on a wide range of topics with the U.S. T&T community. The goal is to expand the knowledge and understanding of coaches and other professional members and develop a “toolkit” of teaching options.

The opinions expressed in each video are those of the presenter.

Safety is always paramount, and coaches and athletes and equipment should all be fully prepared and appropriately experienced before considering attempting any drills and skills discussed within these resources.

If you have a topic to suggest for a “Nugget of Knowledge” or an expert from whom you would like to hear, please submit your suggestions through the Program Communication link. Newest videos will be placed at the top of the following list.

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