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Using your Veriflite Time of Flight in Training and Competition

On October 30, 2021, the T&T program held a webinar presented by Chelsea Rainer and Austin White, focused on setting up and using your Veriflite Time of Flight machine, as well as a video backup system created especially for Trampoline, to calculate Time of Flight for any routine missed during competition.

For more information on the video backup system or to subscribe, go to or contact Austin White [email protected].

The zoom webinar is available to watch here. Answers to the questions discussed in the webinar are as follows:

  • Approx. 22 minutes in: question about when to mark the video in and out of bounces:
    When viewing the video the judge will watch for the set of the arms that indicates the beginning of the routine. The judge will begin by clicking the start time for each element when the athlete touches the bed on the first element. Using the forward arrow or slow motion the judge will advance the video until the athlete leaves the trampoline bed. This process will continue for each valid element of the routine until the stop time after the athlete’s final element comes into contact with the trampoline bed prior to the out bounce. of the trampoline bed. The times for each element are calculated by the program. The total will be valid ToF for the routine.
  • Approx. 25 minutes in: question about optimal frames per second to use:
    Upload video to a monitor that is size appropriate for viewing. Video should be no less than 50 frames per second; 60 frames is acceptable and will have a smaller file size for storage than higher frame rates.