Indianapolis – Senior Elite trampolinists David Ford (Pocatello, Idaho) and Alaina Hebert (Lafayette, La.) struck gold at the 2002 Circle of Stars Invitational February 9th in Indianapolis. The meet served as the USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling Program national re-ranking event. Ford will join fellow Senior National Team members Jennifer Parilla (Lake Forest, Calif.), Ryan Weston (Pocatello, Idaho), and Mackenzie Stone (Pocatello, Idaho) in the upcoming World Cup competition in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, February 21-24.

In the Junior Elite division, Artiom Jargols (Middletown, N.J.) and Erin Blanchard (Broussard, La.) took top trampoline honors.
Senior Elite champions in tumbling were Jamar Young (Lubbock, Texas) and Lindsey Blundell (Longview, Texas), while Christopher Ford (Haymarket, Va.) and Briana Kosiara (Highland, Ind.) took home the Junior Elite titles.

Peter Dodd
(Mission Viejo, Calif.) and Anna Gallia (Hallettsville, Texas) placed first in Senior Elite double mini-trampoline. Tanner Griggs (Lubbock, Texas) and Kallan Kampas (Plano, Texas) won the Junior Elite double mini competition.
The synchronized trampoline competition was held Friday evening, February 8. Ryan Weston and David Ford won the Senior Elite division for the men. Alaina Hebert and Shanelle Landry (Lafayette, La.) topped the Senior Elite division for the women. Junior Elite winners were Daniel Owens (Pecatonica, Ill.) / Michael Devine (Winnebago, Ill.) and Erin Blanchard / Lauren Hoffpauir (Lafayette, La.).


Senior Elite Trampoline (Men)     Senior Elite Trampoline (Women)  
1. David Ford Elite Performance 99.0   1. Alaina Hebert Trampoline and Tumbling Express 99.5
2. Tanner Griggs Air Extreme 94.7   2. Shanelle Landry Trampoline and Tumbling Express 99.1
3. Byron Smith Air Extreme 92.9   3. Jaime Strandmark Minnesota Twisters 97.4
4. Shawn Mohler West Michigan Flying Tigers 87.1   4. Jennifer Parilla Sky Surfers 95.7
5. Josh Vance West Michigan Flying Tigers 86.8   5. Kallan Kampas Duncanville Gymnastics 95.5
6. Derrick Aldrich Brandy Johnson’s Gymnastics 84.4   6. Kim Poling Minnesota Twisters 91.6
7. Ryan Weston Elite Performance 69.8   7. Ashleigh Powalski Gymnastics Team USA 87.2
8. Peter Dodd Sky Surfers 66.7   8. Kelly Swisher Elite Performance 63.7
Junior Elite