Steven Gluckstein and his coach, Tatiana Kovaleva in Times Square
© John Cheng

NEW YORK, N.Y., May 15, 2009 – Manhattan soared into action Friday morning with its second high flying treat this week when U.S. senior trampoline national team member Steven Gluckstein returned to “Good Morning America” to kick-off the “Battle of the GMA Anchors” with trampoline skills.

Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., who won 2009 Winter Classic and U.S. Elite Challenge trampoline titles, started the anchor’s challenge by demonstrating the required trampoline routine, which included four components – judge’s salute, knee tuck jump, straddle jump and seat drop to a standing position. Gluckstein and his coach Tatiana Kovaleva from Head over Heels helped train the anchors for their on-air “Battle” in a segment Monday, May 11, in Times Square by demonstrating trampoline skills and instructing the anchors on the proper art of the bounce.

The Blue Team of Robin Roberts and Sam Champion earned a total of 14 points from judge Kovaleva for their routines with a six and eight, respectively, while the Red Team of Chris Cuomo and Diane Sawyer garnered 16 points. Despite a slight wobble and an off-center landing, Sawyer scored an event high 9 with high jumps and a wide toe touch.

The three-event “Battle” continued with a child-aided gold ball search and ended with a three-part relay that included a three-legged race, suitcase pull, and dressing competition. The final event ended much like the “Battle” started with Sawyer taking a commanding lead and a Red Team victory. The “non-winner” Blue Team then went into a dunk tank for charity.