INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 6, 2019 – Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics in Warrenton, Va., Sonshine Academy in Conway, Ark., and Tumble Tech in Cedar Park, Texas, all completed their 2019 Trampoline Development Center and Elite Trampoline Development Center program requirements. Bull Run Gymnastics was named a TDC in 2019, with Sonshine Academy and Tumble Tech designated as Elite Trampoline Development Centers this year.

Joy Umenhofer-Stovall is the onsite educator who visits each club selected for the opportunity to become a TDC and/or ETDC and conducts not only the education and clinic sessions, but also provides ongoing support to all TDCs as they continue to develop their programs.

For the TDC program, Umenhofer-Stovall visited each selected club three times to educate the gym, its coaches and athletes about trampoline. Her visits include clinics to educate club staff on scheduling, coaching and teaching trampoline, basic skills, conditioning, flexibility, and progressions; talent identification development programs; and interactive coach-and-athlete training sessions. Each club also receives marketing materials, operational guidelines and curriculum support. Other clubs in the area are encouraged to attend the coaching education sessions to learn about expanding their curriculum to include trampoline.

The ETDC process consists of two, three-day visits, with one day designated for a free workshop. Classroom presentations include training plan development, athlete leadership, coach leadership, club administrative guidance for a healthy, successful team, skill/drill/sequence techniques, and routine construction. Hands-on-training sessions cover spotting, drills, sequence, routines and more, with athlete’s who participate in Level 8 and above.

Athletes of all ages and body types can enjoy and benefit from trampoline, which also enhances skill development across all gymnastics disciplines. Trampoline may also be an opportunity to retain athletes who are looking for something different from artistic gymnastics or need to switch to accommodate outside scheduling challenges. Additionally, the artistic gymnastics and trampoline competitive seasons complement one another, which makes it is possible for an athlete to participate in both. Many gym clubs in the U.S. already have trampoline as part of their class schedule.

Applications for participation in the 2020 TDC and ETDC process are now open. To apply for either 2020 opportunity, please click here for the TDC Application. The completed application is due Monday, Dec. 9, 2019.

For more information, please visit USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center Program.