PARIS, France, March 18, 2007 – Kevin Tan of Fremont, Calif., won the still rings title at the French International World Cup – Bercy-Paris in Paris, France. Teammate Sean Townsend of Houston was second on the horizontal bar.

Tan, who trains with the Penn State team and is a member of Team Chevron, entered the finals as the favorite after finishing at the top of the pack in the qualification round with a 16.250. In the finals, he posted a 16.475 to clinch the World Cup event title. Venezuela’s Regulo Carmona was second with a 16.225, followed by France’s Danny Rodrigues at 16.200. Also in the field was 2004 Olympic silver-medalist Jordan Jovtchev, who finished fifth.

In the high bar finals, Townsend scored a 15.150 to finish behind 2004 Olympic champion Igor Cassina of Italy, who won with his 15.400. China’s Teng Haibin was third at 15.050. Townsend, who trains at Houston Gymnastics Academy, improved on his qualification performance, where he was fifth.

In the qualification round, Joey Hagerty of Albuquerque, N.M., who trains at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and is a member of Team Chevron, finished in 11th place on the floor exercise with a 15.175 and 15th in the horizontal bar with a 14.500.

Other men’s champions at the event include: Marian Dragulescu, Romania, floor exercise and vault; Teng, pommel horse; and Feng Zhe, China, parallel bars. The USA did not enter a women’s team, but the women’s champions are: Carlotta Giovannini, Italy, vault; and Vanessa Ferrari, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

2007 French International – World Cup – Bercy-Paris
March 18, 2007
Paris, France
Final results


Floor exercise
1. Marian Dragulescu, Romania, 15.875
2. Zou Kai, China, 15.575
3. Gaäl Da Silva, France, 15.300

Pommel horse
1. Teng Haibin, China, 15.775
2. Prashanth Sellathurai, Australia, 15.700
3. Krisztian Berki, Hungary, 15.675

Still rings
1. Kevin Tan, USA, 16.475
2. Regulo Carmona, Venezuela, 16.225
3. Danny Rodrigues, France, 16.200

1. Marian Dragulescu, Romania. 16.375
2. Thomas Bouhail, France, 16.363
3. Kohei Uchimura, Japan, 15.863

Parallel Bars
1. Feng Zhe, China, 15.875
2. Yann Cucherat, France, 15.675
3. Teng Haibin, China, 15.525

Horizontal bar
1. Igor Cassina, Italy, 15.400
2. Sean Townsend, USA 15.150
3. Teng Haibin, China 15.050


1. Carlotta Giovannini, Italy, 14.875
2. Jana Komrskova, Czech Republic, 14.338
3. Elsa Garcia, Mexico, 14.325

Uneven Bars
1. Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, 15.800
2. Dariya Zgoba, Ukraine, 14.825
3. Elyse Hopfner-Hibs, Canada, 14.700

Balance Beam
1. Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, 15.600
2. Ksenia Afanaseva, Russia, 15.175
3. Iryna Krasnianska, Ukraine, 15.150

Floor Exercise
1. Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, 15.325
2. Elsa Garcia, Mexico, 15.100
3. Sandra Raluca Izbasa, Romania, 14.950


Day 1 Men’s Qualification Results: