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PESARO, Italy – Rebecca Sereda of Staten Island, N.Y., won the junior silver medal in ball at the Pesaro (Italy) Junior Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, held in conjunction with the World Cup this past weekend. Sereda qualified for three individual event finals, and her teammate Jazzy Kerber of Highland Park, Ill., performed in two.

Competing in the Junior Tournament, Sereda, who trains at Isadora, posted a 25.650 for the silver medal for ball. Russia’s Yana Kudryavtseva won the event with her 26.075 and her teammate Yulia Sinitsina was third at 24.900. Kerber, who trains at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics, was sixth. Sereda missed the hoop medals podium by just .050 to finish fourth, with Kerber placing seventh. Sereda also competed in the clubs final, where she was eighth. In the all-around, both Sereda and Kerber finished in the top eight – Sereda was fifth and Kerber eighth. Kudryavtseva won the all-around, hoop and clubs titles.

The USA’s Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md., and Shelby Kisiel of Houston/North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics, competed in the World Cup. Zetlin, who trains at Capital Rhythmics, finished in 17th place in the all-around. Russia’s Evgeniya Kanaeva won the all-around title.

The USA’s group had its highest finish in two hoops/three ribbons, placing 12th, and also placed 17th for five balls. In the group all-around, they rounded out the top 15. The members of the U.S. group, which trains at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics in Buffalo Grove, Ill., are: Jessica Bogdanov, Megan Frohlich, Michelle Przybylo, Sofya Roytburg, and Sydney Sachs. Russia won the group all-around title.

Pesaro Junior Tournament and World Cup
Pesaro, Italy
March 25-27, 2011

Pesaro Junior Tournament

1. Yana Kudryavtseva, Russia, 103.375
2. Yulia Sinitsina, Russia, 100.350
3. Maria Kadobina, Belarus, 97.750
U.S. finishes
5. Rebecca Sereda, Staten Island, N.Y., 96.200
8. Jazzy Kerber, Highland Park, Ill., 95.350

Individual events

1. Yana Kudryavtseva, Russia, 26.275
2. Yulia Sinitsina, Russia, 25.050
3. Maria Kadobina, Belarus, 24.550
U.S. finishes
4. Rebecca Sereda, Staten Island, N.Y., 24.500
7. Jazzy Kerber, Highland Park, Ill., 23.525

1. Yana Kudryavtseva, Russia, 26.075
2. Rebecca Sereda, Staten Island, N.Y., 25.650
3. Yulia Sinitsina, Russia, 24.900
Other U.S. finish
6. Jazzy Kerber, Highland Park, Ill., 24.100

1. Yana Kudryavtseva, Russia, 26.700
2. Yulia Sinitsina, Russia, 25.375
3. Maria Kadobina, Belarus, 25.050
U.S. finish
8. Rebecca Sereda, Staten Island, N.Y., 23.500

1. Yana Kudryavtseva, Russia, 26.575
2. Particia Bezzoubenko, Canada, 25.550
3. Yulia Sinitsina, Russia, 25.350

World Cup

1. Evgeniya Kanaeva, Russia, 114.225
2. Daria Dmitrieva, Russia, 109.500
3. Liubou Charkashyna, Belarus, 109.275
U.S. finishes
17. Julie Zetlin, Bethesda, Md., 102.350
30. Shelby Kisiel, Houston, 97.225

Individual events

1. Evgeniya Kanaeva, Russia, 28.775
2. Liubou Charkashyna, Belarus, 27.350
3. Aliya Garayeva, Azerbaijan, 27.300

1. Evgeniya Kanaeva, Russia, 28.700
2. Liubou Charkashyna, Belarus, 28.150
3. Aliya Garayeva, Azerbaijan, 27.650

1. Liubou Charkashyna, Belarus, 27.700
2. Daria Kondakova, Russia, 27.650
3. Silviya Miteva, Bulgaria, 27.150

1. Daria Dmitrieva, Russia, 28.625
2. Evgeniya Kanaeva, Russia, 27.500
3. Liubou Charkashyna, Belarus, 27.175

1. Russia, 54.800
2. Italy, 54.400
3. Belarus, 53.325
U.S. finish
15. USA, 45.450