Ana Maria Bican from Romania and Marcello Barbieri from Italy won the International Mixed Pairs competition in Seattle, Wash., March 5 at the Seattle Center Arena.

This unique event combines one male and one female gymnast representing each country to compete as a team. There are three rounds of competition and the winners were determined after round three.

International Mixed Pairs Final Results
1. Ana Maria Bican Romania
Marcello Barbieri Italy/56.900

2. Irina Bulakhova Ukraine
Rustam Sharipov Ukraine/56.461

3. Mohini Bhardwaj United States
Rob Kieffer United States /55.625

4. Mari Kosuge Japan
Hikaru Tanaka Japan/37.812

5.Ceile Canqueteau France
Jay Thornton United States/37.587

6. Ji Liya China
Fan Bin China/37.487

7.Mina Kim United States
Brian Yee United States/37.325

8.Adrienne Nyeste Hungary
Zoltan Supola Hungary/36.250

9.Jaycie Phelps United States
Josh Stein United States/18.500

10.Svetlana Tarasevitch Belarus
Alexander Shostak Belarus/18.425

11.Elena Dolgopolova Russia
Dmitri Vasilenko Russia/18.150

12.Brenda Magana Mexico
Antonio Fernandez Spain/18.100

13. Natalia Mendy Argentina
Darren Bersuk Canada/12.550