The team from Romania edged the U.S. senior women to win the team title at the 1997 International Team Championships, a triangular gymnastics competition, in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 22, at the Riverfront Coliseum.

The Romanian Senior Women’s Team includes: Erika Boncsina, Alexandra Dobrescu, Gina Gogean, Maria Olaru, Claudia Presecan, and Corina Ungurcanu.
The U.S. Senior Women’s Team includes: Vanessa Atler (Canyon Country, Calif.), Jamie Dantzscher (Palmdale, Calif.), Theresa Kulikowski (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Kristin Maloney (Pen Argyl, Pa.), 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Moceanu (Houston, Texas), and Kathleen Shrieves (Dayton, Md.).
Maloney said, “We all did pretty good but we need to work on consistency. The coaches were very supportive.”
Atler said, “I think we did very well. We have a strong team. There was a great amount of pressure on us because we want to carry the torch of the Mag 7.”
The China Senior Women’s Team includes: Mi Chen, Mandan Huang, Ying Jin, Xuan Liu, Fei Meng, and, Xin Wang.

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