The Rhythmic Regional Administrative Committee (RAC) is at USA Gymnastics for meetings September 8th-9th.

Attendees include:

RAC Members

  • Suzi DiTullio – RAC Chair and Zone 3 Administrative Representative
  • Stefanie Korepin – Judges Representative
  • Joyce Chaplin – Zone 1 Administrative Representative
  • Mila Harty – Zone 2 Administrative Representative
  • Jadranka Atanaskovic – Zone 2 Technical Representative
  • Ellen Nyemcsik – Zone 3 Technical Representative


  • Perryne Thompson – Region 3 Chair
  • Sofia Minevich – Region 1 Chair (present by phone only)

The RAC committee plays an important role in the rhythmic program. A sample of their tasks includes establishing policies for the operation of the Junior Olympic competitive program, overseeing overall organization for regional events, making recommendations to the Rhythmic Program Committee about the Rules and Policies, and making recommendations regarding the Junior Olympic technical program to the JOTC.