INDIANAPOLIS, March 25, 2020 – A total of 666 male gymnasts – the highest since the program’s inception – were awarded the USA Gymnastics Academic All-American Recognition award this year. Robert Cowan, former USA Gymnastics Men’s Program Director, established the award in 1986 to encourage a high level of academic achievement in young athletes in addition to their athletic achievements. The award honors athletes’ development of values, morals, and social skills.

Athletes will receive a certificate for their accomplishments. The recognition has become a prized acknowledgement for these athletes, and a list of the recipients is also provided to the collegiate coaches to utilize for recruiting purposes.

“The Junior Olympic athletes in the men’s program are tasked with training and competing, while also managing class work and attendance,” said Lisa Mendel, Men’s Program Manager. “It amazes me how much these student athletes accomplish not only in the classroom and the gym, but also in what they do to give back to their community. These truly are amazing individuals.”

The number of recipients has grown tremendously year-over-year, with more than 150 more recipients in 2020 than 2017. In order to be eligible for the USA Gymnastics Academic All-American Recognition award, athletes must be a current USA Gymnastics student athlete in grades 9-12 with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and complete an online application. Home schooled athletes are also eligible. GPA Confirmation Forms are due by February 15 of each year.

More program information can be found here and the full recipient list can be found here.