Sarah Prosen of Apple Valley, Minn./Gleason’s Gymnastics, and Aubree Balkan of Carlsbad, Calif./Bounce California, finished second and third in the double-mini trampoline at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Russia’s Victoria Voronina won the gold medal with a finals score of 69.800. Prosen posted a 65.700 for the silver, edging out Balkan who scored a 65.500.

Austin White of Newport Coast, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics, competed in men’s the men’s double-mini-trampoline, but did not advance to the finals.

In women’s tumbling, Natalya Beneschott of Reno, Nev./Legacy Trampoline & Tumbling, finished eighth with a score of 55.900.

The United States is third in the gymnastics medal count at the 2009 World Games, tallying one of each color: gold, silver, and bronze. Russia is first with 13, and Ukraine is second with seven.

The USA qualified for the 2009 World Games based on outstanding performances at the 2007 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships in Quebec City, Canada, where the United States earned berths in men’s and women’s tumbling, double-mini trampoline and synchronized trampoline. Each qualifying country is allowed one man and one woman in both tumbling and double mini, and one men’s pair and one women’s pair in synchronized trampoline. At the 2005 World Games, the USA won bronze medals in women’s tumbling and double-mini.

Approximately 4,500 athletes from 100 countries compete in the World Games, a multi-sport event held every four years during an Olympic year for those sports that are not included in the Olympic program. The Games officially began on July 16, and competition for trampoline and tumbling goes from July 21-23 at the Kaohsiung Arena.

2009 World Games
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
July 22, 2009

Women’s double-mini final results
1. Victoria Voronina, Russia, 69.800
2. Sarah Prosen, Apple Valley, Minn./Gleason’s Gymnastics/USA, 65.700
3. Aubree Balkan, Carlsbad, Calif./Bounce California, 65.500