PARTICIPANTS: Amy Chow, Jamie Dantzcher, Dominique Dawes, Kristen Maloney, Elise Ray, Tasha Schwikert, Kelli Hill, Bela Karolyi, and Steve Rybacki.

Kelli Hill, Head Coach

“We are thrilled to be here in Sydney. I feel that the girls are doing very well working together. We are pleased with how well things are going.”

Steve Rybacki, Assistant Coach

“I believe the girls have been training very hard the last few weeks. They are very well prepared and ready for competition.”

Dominique Dawes (Silver Spring, Md.)
Three time Olympian, comparing the difference between this team and other Olympic teams…..
“The difference with this team is really the youth. Also, we are really excited to go out there and win a medal for the country. It’s a great group of girls and we all get along well.”

Will Peggy (Liddick) be a threat to USA team?…..

Kelli Hill

“Australia is lucky to have Peggy, she was instrumental to our team in the US, but she learned it from us so we are not too nervous and we’re well prepared.”

How this Olympics will be different for you?

Amy Chow (San Jose, Calif.)

“This time around I am a little more experienced and I know what to expect. Maybe that translates into me being a little more relaxed. I’m hoping to go out there and give it my very best.”

What about Dantzscher’s Sprained ankle?

Jamie Dantzscher (Palmdale, Calif.)

“I was just warming up on floor and rolled it a little. I think it’s just sprained. I didn’t do any hard pounding on it today so I think it will be just fine.”

Steve Rybacki

“To clarify it was not a tumbling skill and she did not put full weight on the sprain, so we are optimistic and she didn’t continue on it just for protection.”

Tasha Schwikert on being on USA Team 2000…

Tasha Schwikert (Las Vegas, Nev.)

“After Trials we went home and we got a call that I was going to training camp and that I was going to Sydney with them for training and just be an alternate and workout. But, then Morgan (White) got injured and then I was on the team.”

Bela Karolyi on the make up of USA Team 2000…

Bela Karolyi, U.S. National Team Coordinator

“We had an incredible team in 1996. This team is strong and united, young athletes. The most balanced team in many years. Overall I am expecting from them a powerful performance.”

Does following ’96 US gold medal team add pressure?

Dominique Dawes

“No, I don’t think it adds any pressure because that was in the past and this is a whole new team. We want to go out there and win a medal and keep moving up and come home with a medal for the country.”
s there more pressure competing?

Elise Ray (Columbia, Md.)

“Being my first Olympics it’s obviously so exciting. But I am staying completely focused on the job at hand. It is also wonderful having Dominique and Amy here just in case you having any questions or want to talk about their past experiences.”

Dominique Dawes

“I’m glad to be here, but my job is to focus on what I have to be in gymnastics and basically do the best that I can do.”

On the process of replacing Morgan White with Tasha Schwikert…

Bela Karolyi

“The decision was easy it was unanimous and there was no controversy around it.”

On the Australian team…

Bela Karolyi

“I did not see them practice today, but overall they have done a fair performance. I believe that they have a good chance like everyone else in the competition. It’s all in the final staging on how they conduct themselves. It’s a young team, I’ve seen their considerable progress over the pass few years. Just like everyone else we are expecting to see them performing in the Olympic Games.”