After sweeping the New Hampshire State Championships titles in Level 4 ,5, 6, 7 and 8, some of the Phantom Gymnasts decided to donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, where their hair is used to make real hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. One of our gymnasts has a family member going through cancer treatments, plus the story of Shannon Miller both inspired these gymnasts to make the donation. The gymnasts who participated are; Kacie Blancett Level 5; Keira Moon, Level 4; Jordan Wakim, Level 5; Amilia Johnston Level 4; pictured with her Aunt, Olivia Faro, Level 5; Victoria Boutin Level 6; and Ashlee Loeffler Level 6.

What a great gift they are providing to the community.

Congratulations Phantom Gymnasts!